The objective of CIOP certification is to equip the SCM professionals on all matters pertaining to inventory. CIOP certification is from the Integrated Institute of Supply Chain Management (IISCM), a unit of Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited.

The elements of CIOP program are training, Reference Book, LMAS, Assessment and Certificate.

Modules: The 30 Modules of CIOP are as follows:
Introduction to Supply Chain Management; All About Inventory; Production Planning System; Strategic Business Planning; Sales & Operations Planning; Master Scheduling; Material Requirements Planning; Demand Management; Capacity Management; Forecasting; Production Activity Control; Procurement; Order Quantities; Independent Demand Ordering Systems; Warehouse Management; Transportation Management; Supplier Relationship Management (SRM); Customer Relationship Management (CRM); Introduction to Quality; Introduction to Packaging; Introduction to Process; Lean; Six Sigma; Total Quality Management; Theory of Constraints; Supply Chain Technologies; Supply Chain Techniques; Industry 4.0; International Standards; Safety and Security.

Training Hours
CIOP Online training is available to aspirants across the globe on Weekend batches. The program will be delivered over 30 weeks in 30 sessions. Every week the participants will attend one one-hour session.

Reference Book: Introduction to Materials Management

LMAS: Each participant of CIOP will get 6-month access to the Learning Management and Assessment System (LMAS). It consists of classroom presentations, class notes, learning outcome notes, audio lessons, reference materials, articles, and quizzes. CIOP learning is a hybrid one and the participants learn the key concepts through instructor-led learning and other aspects through LMAS. This ensures that the participants get comprehensive learning in the supply chain management domain.

Examination: The CIOP examination is for 3 hours with 180 questions and the maximum score is 360. Candidates must secure 252 (70%) or above to pass the examination. CIOP Examination is a closed book, online, proctored examination offered throughout the year.

Certificate: Once passed, the participant will receive soft and hard copies of the certificate. This certificate has lifetime validity.

To learn more about Certified Inventory Optimization Professional (CIOP), please visit our website at You can also reach out to us at +91-900-304-9000 or email at

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