A comprehensive program on new product development and innovation with 20 modules. Program in Product Development and Innovation (PPDI) includes empirical findings across the globe to enable professionals to transform the organization’s new product development process quickly.


Program in Product Development and Innovation (PPDI) consists of 20 modules.

Module 1: Introduction to Product Development
Module 2: Development Processes and Organizations
Module 3: Opportunity Identification
Module 4: Product Planning
Module 5: Identifying Customer Needs
Module 6: Product Specifications
Module 7: Concept generation
Module 8: Concept Selection
Module 9: Concept Testing
Module 10: Product Architecture
Module 11: Industrial Design
Module 12: Design for Environment
Module 13: Design for Manufacturing
Module 14: Prototyping
Module 15: Robust Design
Module 16: Patents and Intellectual Property
Module 17: Product Development Economics
Module 18: Managing Projects
Module 19: NPD Techniques
Module 20: NPD Competencies


The participants will be trained on the 20 modules with PowerPoint presentations. Case studies relevant to the topics will also be discussed. The training will be conducted online by Fhyzics NPD faculties. The duration of each session will be 2 hours, from 4 pm to 6 pm (IST) on Saturdays.

Reference Book

The primary reference book prescribed for the program is “Product Design and Development, 7th edition by Karl T. Ulrich, Steven D. Eppinger, and Maria C. Yang”. The secondary reference book is “Winning at New Products, 5th edition by Robert G. Cooper”. The secondary reference book is not mandatory, but the participants can purchase it on their own for reference.

PPDI Examination

Examination for Program in Product Development and Innovation (PPDI) will be of 2-hour duration and consist of 150 MCQ questions. Each question will have four options, and the participants must select the most appropriate answer. It is a closed book, online proctored examination. The participants can schedule the exam from Monday through Friday from 10 am to 5 pm (IST) except on national holidays. The test will be administered through the learning management and assessment system (LMAS).


Participants who score more than 70% are considered to pass the examination. Upon successful completion, participants will be issued a certificate in both hard and soft copies.

To learn more about Program in Product Development and Innovation, please https://3112120.fs1.hubspotusercontent-na1.net/hubfs/3112120/PPDI/PPDI.pdf You can also reach out to us at +91-900-304-9000 or email at Certifications@fhyzics.net.

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