Things that are not measured are not controlled, is the famous saying. Even a good supplier who is not measured will deteriorate over a period.

A periodic measure of supplier is needed, known as Supplier Audit.

Supplier Audits are generally conducted periodically, say once in a quarter or half yearly or yearly. The report is assessed by the Supplier Quality team reporting to the Supply Chain Head of the organization. Supplier Audits are also conducted in a surprising manner based on supplier intelligence or based on a gross deviation committed by the supplier.

Supplier Audits are conducted with reference to the Supplier Manual. The result of the Supplier Audit is captured in the Supplier Audit Report (SAR). A copy of SAR is also issued to the supplier for remedial action. The SAR items are classified into Critical, Major, and Minor issues. The issues will also identify the deviation with reference to the article from Supplier Audit Manual.

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