Fhyzics has been supporting various organizations in the domain of Supplier Relationship Management (SRM).

Companies typically think that having a sophisticated SRM system can establish a good rapport with their suppliers.
But that only gives half the result. After spending good money and effort on SRM, companies complain that their suppliers still don’t understand them. What is missing here? Two things. One, do you know as a company what you want? Second, have you communicated that to the supplier after identifying the need? If these two things are absent, any effort in SRM will give suboptimal results.

Supplier Manual is an essential tool that helps companies identify what they want and, at the same time, communicates its requirements to suppliers. It establishes a uniform standard among a company’s suppliers and sets expectations. Whenever a supplier is onboarded, the key stakeholders at the supplier’s side undergo training on the supplier manual. Also, companies periodically conduct training for their suppliers on supplier manuals to reiterate the manual's contents and inform them about new provisions that are added during the year.

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