Translating Corporate Strategy Into Project Strategy: Realizing Corporate Strategy Through Project Management


Considered the new "silver bullet" in guiding corporate strategy, Translating Corporate Strategy into Project Strategy, examines how project management tools and principles can be used to effectively advance business strategy. Through case studies from a variety of industries, the authors demonstrate how successful organizations move beyond mission statements and five-year plans to create the processes that are necessary to carry out time-oriented goals and projects. In addition to examining these successes, the authors also identify effective strategy implementation processes, define the relevant terms using the standards of PMI's PMBOK® Guide, outline staff roles and responsibilities, and offer several different models of personnel structure and capabilities that reflect project management principles and methods. Offering a compelling look into yet another way the project management profession is impacting business results, this book is an indispensable tool for business leaders at all levels.

Translating Corporate Strategy Into Project Strategy: Realizing Corporate Strategy Through Project Management| Peter Morris (Author), Ashley Jamieson (Author)| Project Management Institute

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Moving Strategy from Corporate to Projects—What the Literature has to Say
Chapter 2: Case Study: How a Global Aerospace Company Moves Strategy into Projects
Chapter 3: Case Study: How a Business Group in a Global Financial Services Company Moves Strategy into Projects
Chapter 4: Case Study: How a Division of a Global Pharmaceutical Company Moves Strategy into Projects
Chapter 5: Case Study: How an International Transportation Company Moves Strategy into Projects
Chapter 6: Overall Conclusions from the Case Studies
Chapter 7: Survey and Findings: How Organizations Move Strategy from Corporate to Projects
Chapter 8: Summary of the Cross-Analysis of the Survey and Case Study Findings
Chapter 9: Conclusions

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