UPSC Civil Services Mains Geography Paper-I of 2000

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A Must Read for Civil Services Geography Optional of UPSC

For the civil services mains examination, UPSC provides 41 optional subjects. Each aspirant should select one optional paper of their choice and appear in two papers (Paper-I and Paper-II). Among these options, for a long time, Geography has been one of the most popular optional subjects among civil services aspirants. Though the syllabus is vast, it is equally preferred by engineering, science, art, and humanities graduates.

The first step to prepare for the Geography Optional is thoroughly reading and understanding the NCERT Geography Books. Even before that understanding the contents of each of the 10 NCERT Geography Books. With that in mind, the key topics covered in each of these books are given below for a high-level understanding before you dive deep into the option.



Time Allowed: Three Hours Maximum Marks: 300


1. On the supplied outline map of the world mark any TEN of the following and also write in your answer script the most significant aspect of each of them in not more than TEN words:
a. Addis Ababa
b. Vladivostok
c. Mt. Cotopaxi
d. Mt. Gunnbjorn
e. Pidurutalagala
f. Amu Darya
g. Long Island
h. Nubian Desert
i. Karkloof Waterfall
j. Yellow Sea
k. Great Bear Lake
l. Welland Canal.

2. With reference to the theory of Plate Tectonics, explain the origin and growth of the young Fold Mountain Systems of the world.

3. Give an account of the types and distribution of precipitation on the surface of the earth.

4. Discuss the causes and consequences of environmental degradation and highlight the related conservation measures.


1. Write short notes on any THREE of the following (each answer should be in about 200 words):
a. T-S diagram
b. Soil ProVirtual
c. Rank-Size Rule
d. The limits to growth.

2. Discuss the causes and consequences of population migration in the world.

3. Explain the basis and applicability of Christelle’s Central Place Theory. Bring out the recent modifications.

4. What is a region? Discuss the types of regions and-the methods of regionalization.

Written by Venkadesh Narayanan, IRAS

He is a Mechanical Engineer and an MBA with over 30 years of experience in Consulting and Coaching Civil Services aspirants. He is a former member of Indian Civil Services (IRAS 2000 Batch) who opted for Geography and Psychology papers during his CS Mains.

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