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Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) of APICS/ASCM, USA, is the world’s most popular supply chain management certification program. The current version CSCP v5.0 has eight modules and 66 topics.

The aim of this article is to clarify the following questions related to Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) certification program.

Question-1: How do I apply for certification of CSCP? I tried making an account, however I'm unable to do so and too many options are confusing.
Question-2: Considering a career change from Aviation operations to Logistics and supply chain. What would be the first step towards an entry level job and certification/qualification? Would APICS CSCP be the appropriate first step?
Question-3: Where we can get only Apics CSCP learning system for a fair price?
Question-4: Is the APICs CSCP appropriate to pursue after only two years of work experience? I am an economics major that has broken into the supply chain field.
Question-5: I have seen your posts on APICS CSCP certification. Can you suggest what study material you have used and possibly point me in the right direction?
Question-6: For the European market (mainly Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Italy), what would you recommend as the best procurement certification? CIPS, CPSM (ISM), or CSCP (APICS - ASCM)? Why?
Question-7: Is CSCP a good certification for IT vendor/ contract management experience? I have been in the IT world doing project and contracts management and would like to enhance my career forward.
Question-8: How frequently is the APICS CSCP exam held in a year? Is there a fixed schedule on when it is held? Should I enroll for membership in accordance to the exam schedule to get a decent preparation time?
Question-9: Where can I get the materials for the CSCP for a little amount of money? I really need to take this exam. Is it required to attend classes or can I be prepared by self-study?
Question-10: Which one of these two programs is better - executive program in operations and supply chain management by IIM or APICS CSCP? I am working professional with 8 years of experience in procurement and warehousing.
Question-11: What is the pass percentage for the APICS Certified supply Chain Professional (CSCP) exam?
Question-12: HI. Gemma, suppose I fail in the CSCP or SCOR-P exam first time, am I suppose to pay the exam fees again to sit for the exam the second time?
Question-13: Which is better Lean Six Sigma black belt or PGDBM operations management or APICS CSCP? I have 11 years experience as CSO in semi conductor industry. Looking for operations management growth instead SCM.
Question-14: Does getting a supply chain certification (like CSCP) for short-term gain/switch before enrolling into an executive MBA 2-3 years later make sense?
Question-15: How can the APICS CSCP certification help my career in India? I am a BSc graduate with 14 years of experience in procurement. Will it add value to my resume?
Question-16: I have CSCP material 2020. Do I need to buy 2022 material? Would it be okay if I prepare for it by self-study, or do I need to take a training class?
Question-17: Can CPP-IIPMR give the same value as CSCP-APICS?
Question-18: What is your opinion on the APICS Certified supply Chain Professional (CSCP) certification? Do you think it is worth taking?
Question-19: Do you have previous questions of CSCP?
Question-20: I have heard the CSCP exam has no connection with the material provided. Is it true? I need answers soon since I am already midway through my prep with the materials.
Question-21: I have completed my MBA in operations working in SCM ERP Consulting for the past 1.5 years. Is it worth it to get a CSCP certification now? What kind of job prospectus would I get post certification?
Question-22: What is the best certification from apics that? Can do after post graduate diploma in supply chain also is it beneficial to take cscp from apics right after the diploma also I have bachelors in mechanical engineering
Question-23: In what order should the APICS courses (CLTD, CPIM, CSCP, SCOR-P) be done to get a well grounded foundation in supply chain in to become a supply chain optimisation specialist? I have spent most of my career in warehousing operations and logistics?
Question-24: I am having 12 years of work experience in logistics domain & currently in middle management level. Which certification do I need to pursue, CSCP or CLTD?
Question-25: How do I introduce myself if I have a CSCP credential after my name?
Question-26: Where can I get the latest APICS CSCP study material for free or at a cheaper price?
Question-27: Dears, I'm 33. I have nearly 12 years of experience in Shipping and logistics Operations in containers. I'm struggling to get a job for the past 3 years. I thought to study APICS CSCP or CLTD for immediate job. If not both which course pls suggest?
Question-28: What is the difference between CSPO and CSCP?
Question-29: How many attempts are there in the Certified supply Chain Professional (CSCP) exam fee?
Question-30: Which is better, CSCM or CSCP?
Question-31: How often have you come across clients that have mentioned the following certifications as mandatory/ desired for senior procurement roles? Which industries are suited for each of the certifications? 1. APIC 2. CPSM 3. CIPS 4. CPSCM 5. CSCP 6. CIPP
Question-32: What are the benefits of taking the new version of the Certified supply Chain Professional (CSCP) exam from APICS? What is different about the new version of the exam, and how difficult is it to transition from the old version to the new version?
Question-33: Which certification is better to do: PMP or CSCP? I have manufacturing & plant operations experience in a pre-MBA strategy and research experience in a post-MBA. I did an MBA in operations management. I want to go into supply chain works or projects.
Question-34: What are the differences between CSCP and CPP?
Question-35: Since CPSM does not cover end-to-end supply Chain like CSCP does, it is likely for professionals to strike out of CPSM after 2 decades? In other words, is CPSM coverage too narrow where procurement-related functions might look to another certificate?
Question-36: What are the requirements to become a certified supply chain professional (CSCP) and what are its benefits?
Question-37: What is the difference between an APICS, CSCP and CLTD certification and a CPIM designation?
Question-38: What is the difference between an ISC and a CSCP (Cyber Security) certificate?
Question-39: As a WMS analyst, should I pursue CSCP or CLTD certification offered by APICS? Eventually, I would like to pursue both, but I am confused which one to choose 1st.
Question-40: Who can take the APICS Certified supply Chain Professional (CSCP) exam?
Question-41: What is the scope for an Indian to get certified from APICS (CSCP)?
Question-42: What is the cost of taking an APICS certification exam (CPIM, CSCP)? Is there any way to reduce the cost?
Question-43: Are there any free or cheap study materials for the APICS Certified supply Chain Professional (CSCP) exam?
Question-44: Where can I find a practice test for the APICS Certified supply Chain Professional (CSCP) Exam?
Question-45: What is the difference between an APICS CPIM and a CSCP? Which one pays more and why?
Question-46: What are the benefits of having an APICS Certified supply Chain Professional (CSCP) certification for a student in India?
Question-47: How many people have APICS triple certification, CPIM, CSCP, and CLTD? What is their average age?
Question-48: What is the Certified supply Chain Professional (CSCP) credential? Is it recognized by the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA)?
Question-49: What is the difference between an APICS CPIM and CSCP certification? Which one should you take first if you're interested in pursuing both at once?
Question-50: Do you have any information about the Certified supply Chain Professional exam (CSCP) offered by the Institute of supply Management (IIA)?

CSCP is neither a cakewalk examination nor something one cannot achieve at all. On the contrary, it is a moderately difficult examination. CSCP is an amazing supply chain qualification that can transform one’s career in supply chain management. It is a sought-after qualification in companies across the globe. Those who prepare the CSCP Learning System at least thrice in a dedicated manner can easily achieve the CSCP credential.

The four essential steps in attaining CSCP credentials are

1. Become an ASCM Member
2. Buy the Learning System
3. Undergo Training
4. Appear in the CSCP examination.

The CSCP examination is a 210-minute exam with 150 multiple-choice questions (MCQs). Each question has four options, and the participant needs to select the most appropriate answer. There are no negative marks for wrong answers. One needs to secure 300 and above to become CSCP certified. There are two ways to take the CSCP examination. One, appear for the examination in the Pearson Vue Centers, second, register for a proctored, online examination.

Supply Chain aspirants and professionals pursue the CSCP certification for the following reasons:

To gain mastery in supply chain management
To learn the best practices in supply chain management
To attain career progress in their organization
To migrate to developed nations for a new beginning
To establish their consulting practice
To get admission to supply chain management programs offered by leading universities
To support their projects in information technology or supply chain improvement

Many have the question of whether to attend training or not. Though training is not mandatory, it will be beneficial. You can make a better decision by attending a free CSCP Demo conducted by Fhyzics Business Consultants Pvt. Ltd., an Authorized Channel Partner of APICS/ASCM, USA. The CSCP program is offered in both online and classroom formats.

Many students want to know whether CSCP is a math-intensive program? CSCP requires a basic level of mathematical skill. I would rate this as a matric-level mathematical problem. That too, in my opinion, you will come across some 10 basic mathematical calculations out of 150 questions.

APICS/ASCM updates the CSCP material frequently to capture the updates and trends in supply chain management. So, I won’t recommend old books but rather buy the latest material to succeed in the CSCP examination.

Most of the functional consultants who customize/configure/implement SAP or Oracle or any other supply chain solutions for corporates prefer to pursue CSCP as it enables them to understand the end-to-end supply chain management so that they can understand the customer requirements in a holistic manner. Also having CSCP credential the customer will be more confident in listening to your recommendations and make the implementation easier and smoother.

The best way to prepare for the CSCP program and attain the credential involves four steps:

  1. Attend a training program from an Authorised Channel Partner like Fhyzics.
  2. Prepare the textbooks three times in a dedicated manner. Meaning mastering all 66 topics each three times.
  3. Practice Fhyzics’ LMS with 5000+ questions and 10 mock examinations.
  4. Solve the quizzes in ASCM’s Online Tool.

Typically, students ask me whether they need to buy a CSCP Dump Kit to pass this examination. CSCP questions are very practical, hence don’t fall prey to these Dump Kits. One can attain CSCP credential with hard work and there are no shortcuts.

There are various certifications available in the market. But if one wants to gain a leading credential in Supply Chain Management then CSCP stands first among all.

CSCP is a highly sought-after credential all across the globe. Geographies like USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Middle-East, India, and South East Asian Nations consider CSCP as the most preferred qualification for supply chain positions.

Register for a Free CSCP Demo

You can learn more about the CSCP program by visiting our website at https://pages.fhyzics.net/certified-supply-chain-professional-cscp, speaking to our Certifications Manager at +91-900-304-9000 or emailing Certifications@Fhyzics.net. You can visit our CSCP Website to download a detailed estimate for the CSCP program.

Download CSCP Brochure

Lead Faculty Profile:
Venkadesh Narayanan
APICS Recognised Instructor
He is a Mechanical Engineer and an MBA with over 30 years of experience in Supply Chain Consulting and SCM Training. He is a former member of the Indian Civil Services (IRAS 2000 Batch). Venkadesh Narayanan is the Principal Consultant at Fhyzics Business Consultants Pvt. Ltd. and holds professional certifications such as CSCP, CPIM, CIOP, CPSE, NPDP, CBAP, CPP, CPRE-FL, and PMI-PBA. You are most welcome to be part of his LinkedIn network.
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Malathi Dileepan is a B.Tech. in Information Technology and has been working as Manager [Certifications and Consulting] since 2012. She has led several business analysis projects and has tremendous knowledge in all the 20+ certifications offered by Fhyzics.

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