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This article is about the Suez Canal. The Suez Canal is a human made waterway which connect the Mediterranean Sea to the Indian Ocean through the Red Sea. With this canal, a ship travelling from port Sudan to Atalanta, Turkey would have only travel about 2,000 kilometres without the canal this distance would be nearly 23,000 kilometres, which means it would be a shorter distance by boat to Samoa. This canal is separating the continent of Africa and Asia from each other. The Suez canal is one of the most economically important transit routes in the world. This canal has 163 Km of length, 300 m of Width and 75 to 79 feet of deep.

Construction of Suez Canal:

This little waterway between Africa and Asia one of the most revolutionary projects in the transportation world. The canal build was stopped by such that Political problems, employees lack and health issues. Ferdinand de Lesseps, a government official from France, attempted to build the canal and signed an agreement with Egypt. Construction began in 1854, despite strong British opposition. More than 1.5 million people from various countries were employed and that tens of thousands of laborers died with cholera. Egypt was ruled by Britain and France during this period. So, the cost doubled as no modern facilities could be used. But in 1859 the work of cutting the canal resumed after various treaties. It took 10 years to build.

The canal is officially opened on November 17, 1869, after several difficulties. These helped to transport thousands of cargo ships. In August 2014, Egypt’s Suez Canal Authority announced an ambitious plan to deepen the canal and create a new 22-mile lane branching off the main channel. In 2015 the Egyptians Expanded the Suez Canal to 193 Km long, 78 ft deep and 204 m wide. Suez can allow large cargo ships to pass through.

Ever Green ship blocks in Suez Canal:

  • On March 23, 2021, a huge ship carrying the 20000 TEU container Ever Green carried thousands of cargo sank between Malaysia and the Suez Canal (South Atlantic and South Indian Ocean) due to strong winds.

  • 358 ships carrying food items and petrol were blocked from passing through the canal. Egypt was involved in various attempts to recover the ship.
  • To reduce the weight of the ship the contents were removed. The Evergreen was rescued when the sea level rose while the ship was engaged in efforts such as digging sand in the wreckage.


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