CPIM Part-II Progress Report [Batch 2020-23]


The Role of Strategy [SMR-A-1] completed on 04-Aug-2020
Analyzing the External Environment [SMR-B-1] completed on 04-Aug-2020
Strategic Planning and Management Process [SMR-A-2] completed on 07-Aug-2020
Analyzing the Internal Environment [SMR-B-2] completed on 07-Aug-2020
Horizontal and Vertical Scope of Operations [SMR-C-1] completed on 11-Aug-2020
Low-Cost Provider Strategy [SMR-D-1] completed on 11-Aug-2020
Organizations and Sustainability [SMR-E-1] completed on 11-Aug-2020
Management Toolboxes [SMR-J-1] completed on 13-Aug-2020
Operations Performance Objectives [SMR-H-1] completed on 13-Aug-2020
Financial Statements [SMR-F-1] completed on 13-Aug-2020
Customer and Supplier Objectives [MPR-A-1] completed on 18-Aug-2020
Demand Management Inputs and Process [MPR-A-2] completed on 18-Aug-2020
Manufacturing Process Types and Environments [MPR-A-3] completed on 18-Aug-2020
Forecast Uses [MPR-A-4] completed on 18-Aug-2020
Globalization [SMR-C-2] completed on 20-Aug-2020
Diversification [SMR-C-3] completed on 20-Aug-2020

Leadership, Culture and Human Resources [SMR-J-3] completed on 03-Sep-2020
Change Management [SMR-J-4] completed on 03-Sep-2020
Risk Management [SMR-J-5] completed on 03-Sep-2020

Structure and Strategy [SMR-J-2] completed on 08-Sep-2020
Capacity Strategy [SMR-H-2] completed on 08-Sep-2020
Supply Network Strategy [SMR-H-3]completed on 10-Sep-2020
Technology Strategy [SMR-I-1] completed on 10-Sep-2020
Improvement Strategy [SMR-I-2] completed on 10-Sep-2020
Sustainability Strategy [SMR-E-2] completed on 15-Sep-2020
Financial Statement Analysis [SMR-F-2] completed on 15-Sep-2020
Costing Basics [SMR-G-1] completed on 15-Sep-2020
Differentiation Strategy [SMR-D-2] completed on 17-Sep-2020
Focus Strategies [SMR-D-3] completed on 17-Sep-2020
Best-Cost Provider Strategy [SMR-D-4] completed on 17-Sep-2020
Costing Methodologies [SMR-G-2] completed on 22-Sep-2020
Cost-Volume-Profit (CVP) Analysis Tools [SMR-G-3] completed on 22-Sep-2020
Budgeting Basics [SMR-F-3] completed on 22-Sep-2020
Capital Budgeting [SMR-F-4] completed on 22-Sep-2020

SMR Full Review Session-1 on 24-Sep-2020
SMR Full Review Session-2 on 29-Sep-2020
SMR Review Test on TBD – Full Syllabus of SMR (30 Topics); 90 Questions in 90 Minutes; 30 Questions Knowledge Testing; 30 Questions – Assertion and Reason; 30 Questions – Case Study; Online Examination; MCQ Type; CPIM Part II Level of Difficulty; Pass Score 70%

Distribution Planning Strategy and Channel Design completed on 13-Oct-2020
Delivery Channels completed on 13-Oct-2020
Transportation Management completed on 13-Oct-2020
Distribution Center Network Design and Performance Measurement completed on 13-Oct-2020
Integrating Role of S&OP completed on 20-Oct-2020
Balancing Supply and Demand completed on 20-Oct-2020
Evaluating Alternative Plans and Related Risks completed on 20-Oct-2020
Defining S&OP Roles and Responsibilities completed on 20-Oct-2020
S&OP Process Steps and Performance Measures completed on 22-Oct-2020
Production Plan and Development and Validation completed on 22-Oct-2020
Executing Resource Planning and Next Steps completed on 22-Oct-2020
Replenishment Planning Parameters and Inventory Control completed on 22-Oct-2020
Warehouse Replenishment Systems completed on 22-Oct-2020
Distribution Requirements Planning completed on 22-Oct-2020
Methods to Link DRP, S&OP, and Master Scheduling Processes completed on 22-Oct-2020
Distribution performance Measurement and Feedback completed on 22-Oct-2020
MRP in Various Manufacturing Environments and Systems completed on 27-Oct-2020
MRP Inputs and Outputs completed on 27-Oct-2020
Designing the MRP System completed on 27-Oct-2020
Using MRP completed on 27-Oct-2020
Managing the MRP System and Evaluating Performance completed on 27-Oct-2020
Purposes and Goals of Inventory completed on 29-Oct-2020
Inventory Terminology completed on 29-Oct-2020
Aggregate Inventory Policy completed on 29-Oct-2020
ABC Classification completed on 29-Oct-2020
Inventory Costs and Risk Pooling completed on 29-Oct-2020
Economic Order Quantity completed on 29-Oct-2020
Safety Stock completed on 29-Oct-2020
How much to Order completed on 29-Oct-2020
When to Order completed on 29-Oct-2020
Alternative Approaches to Managing Inventory completed on 29-Oct-2020
Inventory Accuracy completed on 29-Oct-2020
Inventory Storage, Flow and Handling completed on 29-Oct-2020
Detailed Capacity Planning Goals and Challenges completed on 03-Nov-2020
Capacity Planning by Manufacturing Environment completed on 03-Nov-2020
Capacity Requirements Planning completed on 03-Nov-2020
CRP Inputs, Tools and Outputs completed on 03-Nov-2020
Loading and balancing Techniques completed on 03-Nov-2020
Measuring Capacity Planning Performance completed on 03-Nov-2020
Project Management Concepts and Terminology completed on 03-Nov-2020

Managing the Project team completed on 05-Nov-2020
Controlling the Project and Managing the Change completed on 05-Nov-2020
Make Versus Buy and Procurement Goals completed on 05-Nov-2020
Supplier Relationships and Sourcing Strategies  completed on 05-Nov-2020
Examples of Collaborative Supplier Relationships completed on 05-Nov-2020
Purchasing completed on 05-Nov-2020
Monitoring and Evaluating Supplier Performance  completed on 05-Nov-2020

Execution of operation completed on 24-Nov-2020
Scheduling and Authorization completed on 24-Nov-2020
MRP based scheduling completed on 24-Nov-2020
Scheduling and Authorization T1 completed on 24-Nov-2020
Scheduling and Authorization T2-T6 completed on 26-Nov-2020

SMR – Strategic Management of Resources
MPR – Master Planning of Resources
DSP – Detailed Scheduling and Planning
ECO – Execution and Control of Operations


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