CPIM Part-1 Batch 2020-028E


In CPIM Part-1, the participants will master 41 topics in 41 sessions. Each session will be for a duration of 60 minutes and training will be conducted on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. The APICS Recognised Trainer will provide more details during the first session.
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Program Schedule
Topics and Faculties
CPIM Part-1 Introduction Completed on 23-Nov-2020 .VN 
The Manufacturing Supply Chain [BSCM-A-1]  Completed on 23-Nov-2020 .VN 
Introduction to Manufacturing [BSCM-A-2] Completed on 14-Dec-2020 .VN 
Manufacturing Environment and Process Choices [BSCM-B-1] Completed on 24-Nov-2020 .SN 
Manufacturing Planning and Control [BSCM-B-2] Completed on 27-Nov-2020.SN 
Total Quality Management and Other Quality Tools [BSCM-C-1] .SN 
Six Sigma [BSCM-C-2] .SN 
Continuous Improvements of Products and Processes [BSCM-C-3] .SN 
Lean [BSCM-D-1] Completed on 01-Dec-2020 .SN 
Lean for Continuous Improvement [BSCM-D-2] .SN 
Demand Management Processes [BSCM-E-1] Completed on 04-Dec-2020 .SN 
Characteristics of Demand [BSCM-E-2] Completed on 08-Dec-2020 .SN 
Forecasting [BSCM-E-3]Completed on 11-Dec-2020 .SN 
Tracking the Forecast [BSCM-E-4]Completed on 15-Dec-2020 .SN 
S&OP and Production Planning [BSCM-F-1]Completed on 18-Dec-2020 .SN 
Master Scheduling and the Master Production Schedule (MPS) [BSCM-F-2]Completed on 22-Dec-2020 .SN 
Master Scheduling and Sales [BSCM-F-3] Completed on 05-Jan-2021 .SN 
The MPR Environment [BSCM-G-1] Completed on 05-Jan-2021 .SN 
Bills of Material [BSCM-G-2] Completed on 08-Jan-2021 .SN 
MRP Logic [BSCM-G-3] Completed on 19-Jan-2021 .SN 
Using and Managing the Priority Plan [BSCM-G-4]Completed on 22-Jan-2021 .SN 
Capacity Management Overview [BSCM-H-1] -Completed on 04-Jan-2021  .VN 
Capacity Requirements Planning [BSCM-H-2]  - Completed on 11-Jan-2021 .VN 
Purchasing Participants and Objectives [BSCM-I-1] - Completed on 22-Feb-2021 .VN 
Purchasing Process [BSCM-I-2] - Completed on 22-Feb-2021 .VN 
Aggregate Inventory Management Overview [BSCM-J-1] Completed on 22-Jan-2021 .SN 
Inventory Costs [BSCM-J-2] Completed on 29-Jan-2021 .SN 
Financial Statements and Inventory [BSCM-J-3] Completed on 05-Feb-2021 .SN 
Inventory Policies [BSCM-J-4] Completed on 12-Feb-2021 .SN 
Inventory Controls [BSCM-K-1] Completed on 16-Feb-2021 .SN 
Order Quantities [BSCM-K-2] Completed on 16-Feb-2021 .SN 
Independent Demand Ordering Systems [BSCM-K-3]Completed on 19-Feb-2021 .SN 
Auditing Inventory Records [BSCM-K-4] Completed on 19-Feb-2021 .SN 
Theory of Constraints [BSCM-L-1] .SN 
TOC for Continuous Improvement [BSCM-L-2] .SN 
Production Activity Control [BSCM-L-3] .SN 
Scheduling and Implementation [BSCM-L-4] .SN 
Capacity Control [BSCM-L-5] .SN 
Physical Distribution Overview [BSCM-M-1] -Completed on 25-Jan-2021 .VN 
Distribution Inventory [BSCM-M-2] -Completed on 01-Feb-2021 .VN 
Transportation [BSCM-M-3] - Completed on 15-Feb-2021 .VN 
Warehousing [BSCM-M-4] - Completed on 08-Feb-2021 .VN 
Revision 1 by .VN 
Revision 2by .SN 

Note: The trainer will be using APICS CPIM Part-1 Instructor’s Kit. This is the Intellectual Property of APICS, USA and for use only by the APICS Recognised Instructor. As per agreement with APICS, USA, Fhyzics and its participants shall not photograph or record the sessions.

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