CPIM Part-II Progress Report [Batch 2021-22]


The Role of Strategy [SMR-A-1] 
Analyzing the External Environment [SMR-B-1]
Strategic Planning and Management Process [SMR-A-2] 
Analyzing the Internal Environment [SMR-B-2] 
Horizontal and Vertical Scope of Operations [SMR-C-1] 
Low-Cost Provider Strategy [SMR-D-1] 
Organizations and Sustainability [SMR-E-1] 
Management Toolboxes [SMR-J-1] 
Operations Performance Objectives [SMR-H-1] 
Financial Statements [SMR-F-1] 
Customer and Supplier Objectives [MPR-A-1] 
Demand Management Inputs and Process [MPR-A-2] 
Manufacturing Process Types and Environments [MPR-A-3] 
Forecast Uses [MPR-A-4] 
Globalization [SMR-C-2] 
Diversification [SMR-C-3] 

Leadership, Culture and Human Resources [SMR-J-3] 
Change Management [SMR-J-4] 
Risk Management [SMR-J-5] 

Structure and Strategy [SMR-J-2] 
Capacity Strategy [SMR-H-2] 
Supply Network Strategy [SMR-H-3]
Technology Strategy [SMR-I-1] 
Improvement Strategy [SMR-I-2] 
Sustainability Strategy [SMR-E-2] 
Financial Statement Analysis [SMR-F-2] 
Costing Basics [SMR-G-1] 
Differentiation Strategy [SMR-D-2] 
Focus Strategies [SMR-D-3] 
Best-Cost Provider Strategy [SMR-D-4] 
Costing Methodologies [SMR-G-2] 
Cost-Volume-Profit (CVP) Analysis Tools [SMR-G-3] 
Budgeting Basics [SMR-F-3] 
Capital Budgeting [SMR-F-4] 


Distribution Planning Strategy and Channel Design 
Delivery Channels 
Transportation Management
Distribution Center Network Design and Performance Measurement 
Integrating Role of S&OP 
Balancing Supply and Demand 
Evaluating Alternative Plans and Related Risks 
Defining S&OP Roles and Responsibilities 
S&OP Process Steps and Performance Measures 
Production Plan and Development and Validation 
Executing Resource Planning and Next Steps 
Replenishment Planning Parameters and Inventory Control 
Warehouse Replenishment Systems 
Distribution Requirements Planning 
Methods to Link DRP, S&OP, and Master Scheduling Processes 
Distribution performance Measurement and Feedback 
MRP in Various Manufacturing Environments and Systems 
MRP Inputs and Outputs 
Designing the MRP System 
Using MRP 
Managing the MRP System and Evaluating Performance 
Purposes and Goals of Inventory 
Inventory Terminology 
Aggregate Inventory Policy 
ABC Classification 
Inventory Costs and Risk Pooling 
Economic Order Quantity 
Safety Stock 
How much to Order 
When to Order 
Alternative Approaches to Managing Inventory 
Inventory Accuracy 
Inventory Storage, Flow and Handling 
Detailed Capacity Planning Goals and Challenges 
Capacity Planning by Manufacturing Environment 
Capacity Requirements Planning 
CRP Inputs, Tools and Outputs 
Loading and balancing Techniques
Measuring Capacity Planning Performance 
Project Management Concepts and Terminology 

Managing the Project team 
Controlling the Project and Managing the Change 
Make Versus Buy and Procurement Goals 
Supplier Relationships and Sourcing Strategies  
Examples of Collaborative Supplier Relationships 
Monitoring and Evaluating Supplier Performance 
Execution of operation
Scheduling and Authorization 
MRP based scheduling
Scheduling and Authorization T1 
Scheduling and Authorization T2-T6 

SMR – Strategic Management of Resources
MPR – Master Planning of Resources
DSP – Detailed Scheduling and Planning
ECO – Execution and Control of Operations


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Integrated Institute of Supply Chain Management, a unit of Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited specialising in supply chain management consulting and education. IISCM trains and certifies SCM professionals in procurement, supply chain management, inventory, and warehousing.

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