How do I get my Referral Bonus?


Fhyzics Channel Partners (hereinafter referred to as partners) across the globe promote Fhyzics’ professional certifications to their clients. With the client’s permission partners share the client details through the candidate details form. Subsequently, Fhyzics’ Certifications Manager will reach out to the referred candidate and explain the respective certification program. For each referred and enrolled candidate, Referral Bonus is payable to the partner.

1. Complete all the details requested in the form such as first name, last name, email, phone number, certification domain, city, and referral code. Please ensure that the referral code is correct so that the Certifications Manager identifies the correct partner.
2. In case if the candidate is referred by more than one partner, the partner who provided the contact first would be paid the referral bonus. This is a very rare scenario, but we would like to make it clear.
3. Partners are encouraged to be in touch with the Certifications Manager on a frequent basis to enquire about the status of the candidate’s enrollment.
4. Partners who cross 100 referrals will receive access to our CRM Software (Customer Relationship Management) so that they can track the status of the candidate in real-time.
5. Partners who do not have access to our CRM will receive a monthly statement about the status of the candidates referred at the end of the month.
6. The referral bonus is paid within one business day from the time of enrollment of the candidate.
7. Payments within Indian geography are paid to the Paytm account of the partners.
8. Payments outside of Indian geography are paid to the PayPal account of the partners.

You can reach out to the Certifications Manager at (0091) 900-304-9000 or email at certifications@fhyzics.net.

Written by IISCM

Integrated Institute of Supply Chain Management, a unit of Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited specialising in supply chain management consulting and education. IISCM trains and certifies SCM professionals in procurement, supply chain management, inventory, and warehousing.

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