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CIOP Learning Management System

CIOP Learning Management System (LMS) is the essential component to prepare and succeed in the CIOP examination. CIOP LMS is designed based on the Inventory Management Body of Knowledge (IMBoK v2.0). Candidates are advised to prepare the Recommended Reference Book and LMS in parallel as they complement each other in terms of IMBoK contents.

Access LMS

LMS contains topic wise explanations with reference to IMBoK v2.0 and other preparatory elements such as explanation of terms, reference articles, videos and quizzes.

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CIOP Training

Certified Inventory Optimization Professional training is offered online over 14 sessions. Each session is for a duration of 2 hours. The purpose of the training session is to enable the students to understand the concepts rather than going over the syllabus line by line. That way CIOP training session is drastically different from other certification trainings and college programs.

The CIOP training is delivered by IISCM’s Registered Training Providers across the globe. The schedule and the length of training is decided by the Registered Training Providers according to the region and the requirements of participants. But the total length of training shall be at least 28 hours.

Registered Training Providers may choose to deliver the CIOP training in a classroom format as well. In such case, the total duration of the training shall be at least 28 hours or 4 full days of training. During the training, both online and classroom, the Registered Training Providers shall use the presentation from the Trainer Package.

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CIOP Certification

A candidate needs to secure 70% score to pass the CIOP examination. The candidates will receive the examination results and certification within 3 business days after taking the examination. The Certified Inventory Optimization Professional (CIOP) is issued for life and no certification maintenance or renewals are required.

Candidates on successful completion of CIOP certification can claim the CIOP credential next to their name in their communications and indicate it in the social media such as LinkedIn to let the connections and the potential recruiters to learn about your newly acquired qualification.

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CIOP Frequently Asked Questions

What is CIOP?
CIOP stands for Certified Inventory Optimisation Professional – an inventory management and optimisation program from IISCM.

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Become a CIOP Registered Training Provider (RTP)

CIOP Registered Training Providers are the authorised organisations or individuals who are qualified to train the CIOP aspirants. To become a CIOP RTP, you must

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CIOP Module-10 Sample Question & Answer with Explanation

Scenario-1: A company to support its working capital requirements approaching a new bank as their existing bank refused to provide a short-term loan against the raw material.

Scenario-2: For one of the products, a company enjoys a steady, continuous demand. The products are sold as soon as it is produced. The company wants to improve its sales department to accurately promise its customers.

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