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Certified Inventory Optimization Professional examinations are online, proctored examinations. Meaning, you can take CIOP examination at the comfort of your home or office or any other quite place of your choice. You will be monitored online by our proctor for the entire duration of the examination. The two phases of the examination are
1. Assessment of Test Venue Preparedness
2. Taking the CIOP Examination
Assessment of Test Venue
A proctor from IISCM will carry out the test venue assessment for about 30 minutes about 5 to 10 days before the actual CIOP examination. The purpose this test venue assessment is to ensure that the candidate will take the examination in a fair manner without any external support or assistance and the environment is suitable to deliver the best performance of the candidate. This shall be the same venue for the CIOP examination. The test venue should meet the following requirements
1. Test venue shall not have any television or any other visual communication aids
2. There shall not be any other person inside the room that is identified for the test venue
3. There shall not be any books or any other materials inside the test venue
4. No mobiles are allowed within the test venue
5. The proctor and the candidate shall communicate only through the test monitoring platform

Taking the CIOP Examination
CIOP is a closed book, online proctored examination. Candidates are strictly advised to adhere to the following instructions during the examination.
1. Except the candidate no one shall be inside the test venue room
2. There shall be no television or any other audio-visual equipment inside the room
3. The proctor will continuously monitor the candidates screen and the candidate through the test monitoring platform
4. The candidate is not permitted to view any other screens in his or her system during the examination
5. No mobiles and consumption of food items are permitted during the examination. Only water is permitted.
6. In case if the candidate needs to visit the rest rooms during the examination, it will be permitted a maximum of two times. Such time taken by the candidate is counted against the three-hours of the examination.
7. Any candidate who violates the examination instruction will be summarily rejected and suspended from taking the examination for a period of one-year.
8. In case of such violations, proctor will submit a report to the examinations committee and the committee’s decision is final and binding.

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