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What is CIOP?
CIOP stands for Certified Inventory Optimisation Professional – an inventory management and optimisation program from IISCM.
What are steps to attain CIOP credential?
You need to go through the following steps to become a CIOP certified professional.
1. Enrol for the CIOP certification
2. Attend the CIOP training sessions
3. Prepare using Learning Management System and reference books
4. Schedule your examination
5. Take CIOP online, proctored examination
6. Get CIOP certified

What are all the training formats available?
Trainings are offered in classroom and online formats around the globe.

Why there are no classroom trainings until Dec 31, 2020?
Due to COVID-19 the classroom trainings are suspended until Dec 31, 2020. But online trainings are available during this period.

How long I should prepare for CIOP examination?
A consistent preparation of one to two hours per day over a period of four months will help you to succeed in the CIOP examination.

Is there any membership fee?
There is no separate membership fee, but once you enrol for CIOP you become a member of IISCM for life and you will be receiving invitation for the webinars and other updates at no extra cost.

Are there any recertification requirements?
The CIOP certification is issued for life and there are no recertification or certification maintenance requirements.

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