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Feb 21, 2020 5:25:04 PM / by Malathi Dileepan

About Fhyzics

Fhyzics offers 20+ world class professional certifications and 150+ Executive Development Programs in Supply Chain Management, Business Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, User Experience, Consulting and New Product Development. The professional certifications are from APICS, USA; CIPS, UK; BCS, UK; IIBA, Canada; IREB, Germany; PDMA, USA.

Fhyzics is looking for Channel Partners across all major cities in India, who will be promoting our certifications and Executive Development Programs in their respective city to professionals, corporates and academia. The Channel Partners will promote and organise the trainings and it will be delivered by Fhyzics’ Consultants. The Channel Partners will sell these certifications and EDPs keeping a margin on top of the rate card provided by Fhyzics.

1. Who can become our Channel Partner?

  • Any graduate looking forward to earning a monthly income in the range of Rs. 2,00,000 to Rs. 10,00,000.
  • A resident of the city of interest at least for the last 10 years.
  • Anyone who have an aptitude for business development with good network in the city of interest.
  • Anyone with no criminal background.

2. How to become our Channel Partner?
Step-1: Click here to complete the Channel Partner Application Form.
Step-2: Pay the Channel Partner Application Fee (Rs. 5000). This is a non-refundable fee. This is towards the document and background verification and assessment of financial viability of the applicant.
Step-3: The applicant will be notified of the result of evaluation within 10 working days. There is no appeal process.
Step-4: Upon selection to become a Channel Partner, the applicant shall make the Channel Partner Annual Fee (Rs. 15,000) to become the Channel Partner of Fhyzics for a period of one year. The Channel Partner Annual Fee is payable annually for renewal.

3. What support the Channel Partner will get from Fhyzics?

Fhyzics will support the channel partners up and running with the following:

1. Channel Partners will get a website to promote the certifications and EDP in their respective cities.
2. They will get access to publish articles in our platform.
3. They will get promotional materials such as brochures, promotion images, standee design, business card etc. as soft copy customised with the channel partner details.
4. Channel partners will receive access to a state-of-the-art CRM to manage their prospects.
5. Channel partners will be supported with the landing pages to promote the certifications.
6. One email id will be provided to the channel partner.
7. Channel partner will go through an eight hours online training.

4. How this business opportunity is unique?
1. The channel partner will get the Return-on-Investment (ROI) just by selling one certification. There are no other business opportunities that pays off that quickly.
2. These certifications and EDPs are the best of the best in the world in the domains of Supply Chain Management, Business Analysis and New Product Development and sought-after across the globe as the golden standards in the respective domains.

You can learn more about Fhyzics services at For more details, please speak to us at 900-304-9000 or email us at



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Malathi Dileepan

This Article was Written by
Malathi Dileepan

Malathi Dileepan is a B.Tech. in Information Technology and has been working as Manager [Certifications and Consulting] since 2012. She has led several business analysis projects and has tremendous knowledge in all the 20+ certifications offered by Fhyzics.

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Fhyzics offers professional certifications from APICS, USA; BCS, UK; CIPS, UK; IIBA, Canada; IREB, Germany and PDMA, USA. To learn more schedule a meeting with our Certifications Manager.

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