Introduction to Materials Management

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Introduction to Materials Management is an introductory text written for students in community colleges and universities. It is used in technical programs, such as industrial engineering and manufacturing engineering; in business, operations and supply chain management programs; and by those already in industry, whether or not they are working in materials management.

The text covers all the basics of supply chain management, manufacturing planning and control systems, purchasing, physical distribution, process, quality and its management using Lean, Six Sigma and Total Quality Management. The writing style is simple and lucid and the material, examples, questions and problems lead the student logically through the text.

Introduction to Materials Management (8th Edition) | Stephen N Chapman, JR Tony Arnold, Ann K Gatewood, Lloyd M Clive | PearsonBuy Now

· All chapters have been updated to reflect new techniques and technology
· New case studies have been added
· Several special topic boxes have been added relating to non-manufacturing settings such as service industries
· End-of-chapter problems have been revised and some new ones added throughout the text
· Expansion of purpose and impact of strategic planning, including environmental and sustainability issues. This allows students to understand the importance of the field at a higher level, including impacts and benefits to society as a whole.
· Additional information included on demand management.
· Additional information included on lean production concepts and Theory of Constraints. Theory of Constraint provides an interesting and potentially effective alternative method to think about several of the concepts in the book and can help students compare and contrast Theory of Constraint with non-Theory of Constraint approaches. (See Ch. 6)
· A brief introduction to Project Management has been added to Ch. 6 to provide students initial exposure to a skill today’s employers are looking for. In addition, we have retained several features from previous editions.
· Margin icons to note key concepts
· Key terms listed at the end of each chapter
· Example problems within the chapters
· Chapter summaries
· Questions and problems at the end of each chapter

Introduction to Materials Management

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction to Materials Management
Introduction, Operating Environment, The Supply Chain Concept, What is Materials Management, Summary, Key Terms, Questions, Problems, Case Study 1.1 : Fran's Flowers
Chapter 2: Production Planning System
Introduction, Manufacturing Planning and Control Sysytem, Sales and Operations Planning, Manufacturing Resource Planning, Enterprise Resource Planning, Making the Production Plan, Summary, Key Terms, Questions, Problems, Case Study 2.1: Meridian Water Pumps, Case Study 2.2 : Williams 3D Printers
Chapter 3: Master Scheduling
Introduction, Relationship to Production Plan, Developing a Master Production Schedule, Production Planning, Master Scheduling, and Sales, Summary, Key Terms, Questions, Problems, Case Study 3.1 : Acme Water Pumps, Case Study 3.2 : The MasterChip Electronics Company, Case Study 3.3: Macarry's Bicycle Company
Chapter 4: Material Requirements Planning
Introduction, Bills of Material, Material Requirements Planning Process, Using the Material Requirements Plan, Summary, Key Terms, Questions, Problems, Case Study 4.1 : Apix Ploybob Company, Case Study 4.2 : Benzie Products Company
Chapter 5: Capacity Management
Introduction, Definition of Capacity, Capacity Planning, Capacity Requirements Planning, Capacity Available, Capacity Required (Load), Scheduling Orders, Making the Plan, Summary, Key Terms, Questions, Problems, Case Study 5.1 : Wescott Products
Chapter 6: Production Activity Control
Introduction, Data Requirements, Order Preparation, Scheduling, Load Leveling, Scheduling in Non manufacturing Setting, Scheduling Bottlenecks, Theory of Constraints and Drum-Buffer-Rope, Implementation, Control, Production Reporting, Product Tracking, Measurement Systems, Summary, Key Terms, Questions, Problems, Case Study 6.1 Johnston Products, Case Study 6.2 Crofts Printing Company, Case Study 6.3 Melrose Products
Chapter 7: Purchasing
Introduction, Establishing Specifications, Functional Specification Description, Selecting Suppliers, Price Determination, Impact of Material Requirements Planning on Purchasing, Environmentally Responsible Purchasing, Expansion of Purchasing into Supply Chain Management, Some Organizational Implications of Supply Chain Management, Summary, Key Terms, Questions, Problems, Case Study 6.1 Johnston Products, Case Study 7.1 : Let's Party!, Case Study 7.2 : The Connery Company 
Chapter 8: Forecasting and Demand Management
Introduction, Demand Management, Demand Forecasting, Characteristics of Demand,  Principles of Forecasting, Collection and Preparation of Data, Forecasting Techniques, Some Important Intrinsic Techniques, Seasonality, Tracking the Forecast, Summary, Key Terms, Questions, Problems, Case Study 8.1 : Northcutt Bikes: The forecassting Problem, Case Study 8.2 : Hatcher Gear Company

Chapter 9: Inventory Fundamentals
Introduction, Aggregate Inventory Management, Item Inventory Management, Inventory and the flow of Material, Supply and Demand Patterns, Functions of Inventories, Objectives of Inventory Management, Inventory Costs, Financial Statements and Inventory, ABC Inventory Control, Summary, Key Terms, Questions, Problems, Case Study 9.1 Randy Smith, Inventory Control Manager
Chapter 10: Order Quantities
Introduction, Economic Order Quantity, Variations of the EOQ Model, Quantity Discounts, Order Quantities for Families of Product When Costs are Not Known, Period Order Quantity, Summary, Key Terms, Questions, Problems
Chapter 11: Independent Demand Ordering Systems
Introduction, Order Point System, Determining Safety Stock, Determining Service Levels, Different Forecast and Lead-Time Intervals, Determining When the Order Point is Reached, Periodic Review System, Distribution Inventory, Summary, Key Terms, Questions, Problems, Case Study 11.1 : Carl's Computers
Chapter 12: Physical Inventory and Warehouse Management
Introduction, Warehouse Management, Physical Distribution, Physical Distribution Interfaces, Packaging, Material Handing, Physical Control and Security, Inventory Record Accuracy, Consignment Inventory and Vendor-Managed Inventory, Summary, Key Terms, Questions, Problems, Case Study 12.1 : CostMart Warehouse
Chapter 13: Introduction to Quality
Introduction, Why Quality, Manufacturing Versus Service Quality, Quality Terminology, History of Quality, Quality Costs, Total Quality, Summary, Key Terms, Questions, Problems, Case Study 11.1 : Quality Scenario in Two Restaurants 
Chapter 14: Introduction to Process
Understanding Process, History, Lean, Six Sigma, Process Capability, Factors Affecting Process Management, Key Issues, Summary, Key Terms, Questions, Problems, Case Study 14. 1: Kaveri Hotel
Chapter 15: Total Quality Management
Introduction, What is Quality, Total Quality Management, Quality Cost Concepts, Variation as a Way of Life, Process Capability, Process COntrol, Sample Inspection, ISO 9000: 2015, ISO 26000:2010, ISO 14001:2015, Benchmarking, Six Sigma, Qulaity Function Deployment, The relationship of Lean Production, TQM, and ERP, Summary, Key Terms, Questions, Problems, Case Study 15. 1: Accent Oak Furniture Company
Chapter 16: Lean Production
Introduction, Lean Production, Waste, The Lean Production Environment, Manufacturing Planning and Control in a Lean Production Environment, Comparing ERP, Kanban and Theory of Constraints, Summary, Key Terms, Questions, Problems, Case Study 16. 1: Murphy Manufacturing

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