Transportation Disaster Response


Transportation Disaster Response Handbook presents information and strategies for dealing with all types of disasters and looks at the unique aspects of transportation-related incidents. It outlines how to prepare for emergencies, what to expect during a disaster, how individuals within the emergency agencies should respond, and how these agencies can quickly mobilize to minimize damage and provide assistance to victims.

Transportation Disaster Response | Jay Levinson (Author), Hayim Granot (Author) | Academic Press



Table of Contents
Section I: Transportation and Transportation Disasters
Chapter 1: Background for New Disasters

Section II: General Aspects of Disaster Response
Chapter 2: History of Disaster Planning
Chapter 3: The Role of Government in Disaster Planning
Chapter 4: Victimology
Chapter 5: Disaster Cycles
Chapter 6: Predicting Disaster and Emergency Planning
Chapter 7: Private Sector
Chapter 8: When Disaster Strikes
Chapter 9: Using the Military
Chapter 10: Training
Chapter 11: Warning and Evacuation
Chapter 12: Search and Rescue
Chapter 13: Damage to Buildings
Chapter 14: Information Centers
Chapter 15: Terrorism and Criminality

Section III: Technical Aspects of a Response
Chapter 16: Communications and Information
Chapter 17: Medical Response
Chapter 18: Police Operations
Chapter 19: Fire
Chapter 20: Forensic Science
Chapter 21: Volunteerism
Chapter 22: Psychological Trauma and Mental Health
Chapter 23: Media and Information

Section IV: Management Issues
Chapter 24: Business Recovery

Section V: Response to Specific Transportation Disasters
Chapter 25: Aviation
Chapter 26: Disaster at Sea
Chapter 27: Land Transportation

Section VI: Conclusion
Chapter 28: Conclusion


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