Accounting for Inventory

The value of inventory is a difficult figure to pin down, and yet it must be properly derived in order to create accurate financial statements. Accounting for Inventory enhances the accountant's ability to derive an accurate valuation, every time. It does so by delving into inventory

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Supply Chain Engineering and Logistics Handbook: Inventory and Production Control

This handbook begins with the history of Supply Chain (SC) Engineering, it goes on to explain how the SC is connected today, and rounds out with future trends. The overall merit of the book is that it introduces a framework similar to sundial that allows an organization

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Fundamentals of Production, Inventory and the Supply Chain

Fundamentals of production, Inventory and the supply chain explains how to control the Inventory at entities across the supply chain. The entities include basic Goods suppliers, parts suppliers, component suppliers, package, plants, warehouses, distribution centers, dealers

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The Inventory Toolkit: Business Systems Solutions

Looking beyond the complexity and theory of inventory management, authors Geoff Relph and Catherine Milner examine managing inventory and achieving targets. Whilst the first edition mainly focused on planning, this new edition of The Inventory Toolkit includes three

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Equipment Inventories for Owners and Facility Managers: Standards, Strategies and Best Practices

The National Institute of Science and Technology estimates that the loss of information between the construction of a building and the operation and maintenance of that building results in a 15.8 billion dollar loss annually. The loss is due to inconsistent standards for how

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Production Spare Parts: Optimizing the MRO Inventory Asset

As leading authorities worldwide on setting part stocking levels for safety stocks to support the production process, the authors have shown that between 25 and 50 percent of the inventory investment is not necessary. Thus the overall objective of Production Spare Parts:

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Production and Inventory Control: Principles and Techniques

A classic, practical, integrated approach to production and inventory control.

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