Maritime Supply Chains


Maritime Supply Chains breaks the maritime chain into components, consistently relating them to the overall integrated supply chain. The book not only analyzes and provides solutions to frequently encountered problems and key operational issues, it also applies cutting-edge scientific techniques on the maritime supply chain. Sections consider shipping, ports and terminals, hinterland and the issues that intersect different parts of the chain. Readers will find discussions of the various actors at play and how they relate to the overall function of the supply chain. Finally, the book offers solutions to the most pressing problems, thus providing a unique, well-balanced account.

Maritime Supply Chains | Thierry Vanelslander (Editor), Christa Sys (Editor) | Elsevier Science Publishing Co Inc

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Integration of Maritime supply chain: Evolving from collaboration process to maritime supply chain network

Part 1: Shipping
Chapter 2: Assessment of transportation demand on alternative short sea shipping services considering external costs
Chapter 3: Identifying cost performance indicators for a logistics model for vessel trains

Part 2: Port and Terminals
Chapter 4: Analysis of port waiting time due to congestion by applying Markov chain analysis
Chapter 5: A Generic Understanding of the Economic Changes of Major Ports with Shift-share Analysis Applied, South Korea
Chapter 6: Policing flows of drugs in the harbor of Antwerp: a nodal-network analysis
Chapter 7: Economic, social and environmental impacts of autonomous shipping

Part 3: Hinterland
Chapter 8: Identifying policies for intermodal logistics chains based on domestic RO-RO services
Chapter 9: Automated SME cargo bundling as a tool to reduce transaction costs while limiting the platform’s liability exposure

Part 4: Transversal issues
Chapter 10: Sustainable blockchain technology in the maritime shipping industry
Chapter 11: Blockchain technology as a key contributor to the integration of maritime supply chain?
Chapter 12: Future maritime supply chain networks: Key issues in and solutions

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