A 6-Month Path to Become a Trained and Certified Business Analyst*


Business analysis is all about recommending solution to business problems. Business analyst serves as a consultant to transform the organisation from its current state to the desired state and make the organisation future ready. Since 2012, Fhyzics has trained hundreds of business analysts, who are working across the globe in leading organisations. To become a business analyst in a leading organisation, one needs both qualification and business analysis experience. If you are fresher with a college degree, the above requirement is even more important.

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Fhyzics recommends a 6-Month Path to become a certified and experienced business analyst. This is not a cup-of-tea for everyone, but only for those who falls under the below criteria. You need to answer the following five questions yourself.

1. Are you a graduate?
2. Do you have passion for business analysis?
3. Would you like to make a long-term career as a business analyst or business consultant or entrepreneur?
4. Do you have a thirst for knowledge and new learnings?
5. Do you enjoy meeting people across the organisation, participate in back-to-back meetings and high visibility across the organisation?

If you honestly answer, ‘YES’ to all the above questions, then you can choose the path recommended below. In case, if there is a ‘NO’ to even one-question, you may have to do the due diligence.

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Who Should Attend?

This Business Analysis Program is more suitable for those who would like to make a successful career in business analysis such as freshers just out of college on completion of their engineering or science or business programs and those who have up to few years of experience, but want to transform their career.


Eligibility for the Program:

1. One must be a graduate in any discipline. Preferably Engineering/Science/Business
2. Must pass our 1-hour online, objective-type entrance test at our Chennai or Bengaluru or Pune centres.

Fhyzics offers a Six-Month Path to become a business analyst. It has three phases – (1) Business Analysis Training (2) Business Analysis Certification and (3) Six-Month Internship. All these three things happen concurrently.


Phase-1: Business Analysis Training

Fhyzics is an Approved Training Partner of BCS, UK and offers the BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis. The participants of the program will undergo business analysis training from the very first day and it will continue for the next three months. During this training program they will master the 14 chapters of the business analysis training material. You will be trained by our full-time consultants. The 14 chapters will be covered over 14 sessions across 14 weeks and is listed below.

Session-1: What is Business Analysis?
Session-2: The Competencies of a Business Analyst
Session-3: Strategy Analysis
Session-4: The Business Analysis Process Model
Session-5: Investigation Techniques
Session-6: Stakeholder Analysis and Management
Session-7: Modelling Business Processes
Session-8: Defining the Solution
Session-9: Making a Business and Financial Case
Session-10: Establishing the Requirements
Session-11: Documenting and Managing Requirements
Session-12: Modelling Requirements
Session-13: Delivering the Requirements
Session-14: Delivering the Business Solution


Phase-2: Business Analysis Certification

On completion of the three-month teaching on business analysis, the participants can prepare for a month and then appear for the certification examination of BCS, UK at one of our centres in Chennai, Bengaluru and Pune. Our experience shows that someone who have regularly attended the classes, reviewed the material immediately after the class and revised all the 14-chapters at least three times, took all the quizzes in the Fhyzics Learning Management System have successfully attained the BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis credential of BCS, UK. This certificate is considered as one of the best business analysis certificates in the world both in terms of theory and practice. Click here for the brochure of the certification.


Phase-3: Six-Month Internship

Any skill acquired by an individual will stay as a theory until it is put to practice. Having that in mind, Fhyzics Business Analysis Program has an internship component. Right from day-one the participants will be part of a live business analysis and consulting assignment to practice what they learn on daily basis. During this 6-month internship the participants will

On successful completion of the program, the participants will have the following to launch them in a rewarding business analysis career.

1. BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis certification
2. Six-Month Business Analysis Internship certificate from Fhyzics
3. A sound knowledge to practice business analysis

Let us explore some of the nitty-gritty things of this program such as program schedule, reference material and examination.

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Program Schedule:

On a weekly basis the participants will go through the following:

1. 8-Hours in Business Analysis Training. The first 4-hours will be dedicated to expose the participant to the business analysis topic and the second half to enable them to practice and apply the learnings in a real business analysis scenario. Each 4-hours sessions will be on two different days.

2. 8-Hours in Internship on the assigned projects in business analysis. The business analysis project may range from business plans, standard operating procedures to solving a specific industrial issue. The participants need to visit Fhyzics office on two different days for this internship purpose and to clarify, discuss and appraise their progress on the project with the Business Consultant.

3. The participants of the program are expected to dedicate themselves for this program so that they can get immersive learning experience. On all other days, though the participants may not be visiting Fhyzics office, but are expected to carry out their activities in our Learning Management System, prepare the case studies for the classes, carry out research and collect data on the assigned projects.

4. Occasionally they may also need to visit industries for a better understanding of the processes.

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Business Analysis Faculty:

Mr. Venkadesh Narayanan is the lead business analysis faculty of this program and supported by a panel of faculties. Click here to learn more about Mr. Narayanan.


Reference Material:

Business Analysis (Third Edition)
By Debra Paul, James Cadle and Donald Yeates


Business Analysis Examination:

The participants will be taking this examination at our Chennai, Bengaluru and Pune centres. This is a one-hour online, closed book examination with 40 multiple choice questions. One need to answer at least 26 correct questions to secure pass in the examination.

For more details about the Business Analysis Program, please comment below or email us at certifications@fhyzics.net or speak to us at +91-900-304-9000.

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Written by Malathi Dileepan

Malathi Dileepan is a B.Tech. in Information Technology and has been working as Manager [Certifications and Consulting] since 2012. She has led several business analysis projects and has tremendous knowledge in all the 20+ certifications offered by Fhyzics.

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