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Way back in the year 1990, when I asked my boss about career guidance, he told me a story. There are three kinds of professionals. First kind, who has meticulously chosen what he wants to do and have a thorough understanding about his career. Second, who has landed in a job and he adopted it as his career. Third, who has no idea on what’s his career all about. The success rate of these professionals follows the same order.

Successful professionals are those, who form their career at an early age and invest on the career over the years. They have a deeper understanding about their career and become an expert in it without much effort, because they continuously nurture it every day.

One need to clearly understand the difference between a career and a job. Career is a commitment for a long term probably for life that results in earnings as well, but job is just for earnings. One might have performed several jobs in his life. If he can connect these dots, then he had a career. If not, then those are all pure jobs. Both career and job will help someone to earn, but career will provide a significant growth in earnings compared to a job. A disruption in the industry may jeopardise a job, but not the career. If someone says that he lost his career, most probably he was doing a job, he mistakenly thought it as a career.



The beauty of the concept of career is that when someone pursues a career, he will be able to see the future direction of the career and navigates accordingly, build his skill sets for the changing requirements and adapts well to the industry needs. On the other hand, someone doing a job is oblivion to all such changes and everything comes to him as a surprise and he may not have much time to react. Please understand that two people performing the same role, for one it may be a career and for the other it could be a job. So, career and job are one and the same in short-term but are different in long-term.

If you are looking for a sound career in the domains of Business Analysis, Consulting, Supply Chain, Procurement and New Product Development, then our session would be of immense help. Fhyzics Career Guidance Sessions are equally useful for freshers, mid-level and senior-level professionals.

The Career Guidance Session is for an hour duration on selected days offered in classroom and online formats. The participants will learn a 10-Point Career Strategy to build a robust career. These sessions are available in Chennai, Bengaluru and Pune.

  • Know Your Career
  • Establish Vision
  • Benchmark
  • Follow Best Performers
  • Study Job Descriptions
  • Understand PPS Capabilities
  • Differentiate Yourself
  • Connect and Network
  • Measure Gap, Analyse and Improve
  • Build Your Brand

Please click here to register for this event or speak to our Program Manager at 900-304-9000 or email us at cs@fhyzics.net. Fhyzics organises the Career Guidance Session in colleges as well. If you are interested to organise this at your college, please contact us at certifications@fhyzics.net

About the Presenter: Mr. Venkadesh Narayanan is the Principal Consultant at Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited and former member of Indian Civil Services [IRAS 2000 Batch] and served at Indian Railways. He is a Mechanical Engineer and an MBA with over 28 years of experience. Click here to review his full profile.

Fhyzics partnered with the following international organisations and offers their professional certifications in the domains of Supply Chain, Procurement, Business Analysis and New Product Development.

Authorised Channel Partner of APICS, USA
Approved Study Centre of CIPS, UK
Endorsed Education Provider of IIBA, Canada
Approved Training Provider of BCS, UK
Registered Education Provider of IREB, Germany
Registered Education Provider of PDMA, USA



Written by Venkadesh Narayanan

Venkadesh is a Mechanical Engineer and an MBA with 30 years of experience in the domains of supply chain management, business analysis, new product development, business plan and standard operating procedures. He is currently working as Principal Consultant at Fhyzics Business Consultants. He is also serving as President, PDMA-India (an Indian affiliate of PDMA, USA) and Recognised Instructor of APICS, USA and CIPS, UK. He is a former member of Indian Civil Services (IRAS). Fhyzics offers consulting, certification, and executive development programs in the domains of supply chain management, business analysis and new product development.

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