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Section 1.0
About CIOP Examination
The certified Inventory Optimization Professional (CIOP) examination is based on Inventory Management Body of Knowledge v3.0. CIOP examination is a 3-hour, online, closed-book examination delivered through Fhyzics’ Learning Management and Assessment System (LMAS). The examination contains 180 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). Each question has 4 options and the participants are advised to choose the most appropriate one. There is only one correct answer to the question. All are case study / scenario-based questions and there are no negative marks. Each question carries 3 marks and the total mark is 540. Candidates need to answer at least 70% of the questions correctly (126 questions = 378 marks) to secure a pass in the examination. The result will be released within 7 days of taking the examination and the candidates will be notified through their registered email. Successfully passed candidates will receive the CIOP Certificate in soft copy and hard copy. CIOP certificate is issued for life and there is no recertification required.

Exam Slot:
10 AM to 1 PM IST from Monday through Saturday

Please click here to book your examination slot.

Section 2.0
What to Prepare for the Examination?
CIOP examination is based on IMBoK v3.0, which contains the following modules:
Module-1: Introduction to Supply Chain Management
Module-2: All About Inventory
Module-3: Production Planning System
Module-4: Strategic Business Planning
Module-5: Sales & Operations Planning
Module-6: Master Scheduling
Module-7: Material Requirements Planning
Module-8: Demand Management
Module-9: Capacity Management
Module-10: Forecasting
Module-11: Production Activity Control
Module-12: Procurement
Module-13: Order Quantities
Module-14: Independent Demand Ordering Systems
Module-15: Warehouse Management
Module-16: Transportation Management
Module-17: Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)
Module-18: Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Module-19: Introduction to Quality
Module-20: Introduction to Packaging
Module-21: Introduction to Process
Module-22: Lean
Module-23: Six Sigma
Module-24: Total Quality Management
Module-25: Theory of Constraints
Module-26: Supply Chain Technologies
Module-27: Supply Chain Techniques
Module-28: Industry 4.0
Module-29: International Standards
Module-30: Safety and Security

Section 3.0
How to Prepare for the Examination?
(1) Review the CIOP presentations available in the LMAS to recall the discussions of the respective sessions.
(2) Review the Reference Book at least three times to master the concepts.
(3) Practice the Quizzes and Mock Test available in the LMAS.
LMAS can be accessed at fhyzics.talentlms.com

Section 4.0
Reference Book
Introduction to Materials Management, Eighth Edition, By Pearson Paperback
Authors: N. Chapman Stephen, Arnold J. R. Tony (Author), Gatewood Ann K. 

Check Your LMAS Access
Please ensure that you have access to the Learning Management and Assessment System (LMAS) and in case of any issues, please contact our Certifications Manager at +91-72004-39865 or email at Malathid@ Fhyzics.net.

How to Schedule / Reschedule / Retake the Examination?
Please reach out to us through email to schedule your CIOP examination in the available slots. Unsuccessful candidates can retake the examination after a compulsory wait period of 30 days after paying the retake fee. 

Instructions for online, proctored examination

1. Please ensure that you have access to the Fhyzics’ LMAS System. Click here to access the LMAS.
2. On the day of the examination, once you connect with the proctor you will be able to find the CIOP Exam assigned to you within the LMAS. If you don’t find it, please refresh your page and also check whether you are in the correct login.
3. Candidates must present a government issued ID card such as Driving License, Aadhar Card, Passport or Company ID Card before commencing the examination.
4. CIOP is a 3-hour, closed-book, online proctored examination. So, you are advised not to keep any books, audio/video equipment, headphones, displays, additional laptops, or Bluetooth devices in your possession or nearby. You can keep the registered mobile phone (the number you have provided to Fhyzics) next to you, so that in case the proctor wants to connect with you it would be easier.
5. During the entire duration of the examination, no one other than the candidate shall be present in the room. Please choose a space that will permit you to take the examination without disturbance.
6. During the entire duration of the examination the candidate’s face, screen, and audio shall be shared with the proctor and no discussions with anyone else other than the proctor are permitted. During the examination, the candidate shall not visit any other websites or applications.
7. The CIOP Exam Questions are the intellectual property of IISCM & Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited, and the candidates are strictly prohibited from copying or circulating the questions in any form.
8. During the examination candidate shall not discuss with anyone else or read the questions in a louder manner.
9. Proctor reserves the right to demand the candidate to show the surroundings of the room at any time during the examination.
10. Leaving the test seat/location amounts to the cancellation of the examination. Proctor certifies that the candidate has taken the examination in a fair manner without any undue advantage.
11. The candidate can keep a transparent water bottle, one A4 sheet, and a pencil during the examination.
12. When you complete and submit the examination, please inform the proctor that you have finished the examination. This is to ensure proper closure of the examination process.
13. Proctor has the right to advance or postpone the examination up to two hours for administrative reasons. You will be notified of the examination schedule at least two days in advance.
14. You can reach us at +91-72004-39865 (WhatsApp) or email at malathid@fhyzics.net .



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