CIOP Module-2 Sample Question & Answer with Explanation

Scenario: An Aluminium manufacturing company in Sweden has two plants. The plant-1 received Bauxite (aluminium ore) as raw material and converts it to aluminium oxide. The plant-2 received aluminium oxide and produces aluminium ingots as output. Bauxite is transported by trucks to plant-1 and during the months around winter the transportation lead time triples due to icy road conditions. During the winter season due to adverse condition mining bauxite is almost not possible for 4 months. The end customers who buy the aluminium ingots from plant 2, buys the ingots in a steady manner to support their component production. Aluminium smelting which happens in plant-2 is highly power intensive and it is supported by one hydro-electric power plant and two thermal power plants. Two a great extent there is no power disruption. Both plant-1 and plant-2 are running at full capacities and plant-1 just meets the requirements of plant-2.

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CIOP Module-1 Sample Question & Answer with Explanation

Scenario: An automobile OEM in compliance with a regulatory direction abruptly discontinues one of its car models. This results in huge pileup of raw materials, work-in-process in various stages of production and finished goods that could not be used for any other cars but need to be disposed. Only the new car production is banned but the existing cars in the market or the saleable finished goods are not banned. Also being a specialised nature of industry, the parts manufactured in this company does not have an immediate fit or suitability in any other industry.

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Inventory Management Body of Knowledge (IMBoK) v2.0

The objective of CIOP certification program is to equip the supply chain professionals on all matters pertaining to

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Certified Inventory Optimization Professional (CIOP) Examination

Certified Inventory Optimization Professional (CIOP) is the most comprehensive inventory management program to prepare the supply chain professionals with a sound understanding on the inventory concepts and analysis capabilities. To enable them to transform their organisations inventory management practices in alignment with global best practices.

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Certified Practitioner in Warehouse Management – Examination Structure

Certified Practitioner in Warehouse Management (CPWM) is an online, proctored examination. The examination duration is 3 hours (180 minutes) with 180 questions. Each question is a multiple-choice question with four answers, and you are expected to select the most appropriate answer. You need to correctly answer 126 questions (70%) or above to secure a pass in the online examination.

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WOBoK for Certified Practitioner in Warehouse Management

The purpose of this Warehouse Operations Body of Knowledge (WOBoK) is to give an overview of the syllabus to the CPWM aspirants. For CPWM, there are 16 modules and they are further subdivided into Topics such as T101, T102 and so on. The Learning Management System (LMS) is organised as per this structure. The quizzes that appear at the end of each module in LMS will refer the Topic number in the solution (for example, T110). Certified Practitioner in Warehouse Management (CPWM) focus on all the operational aspects of the warehouse and Certified Expert in Warehouse Management (CEWM) focuses on the strategic aspects of the warehouse management.

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Certified Expert in Warehouse Management (CEWM)

The objective of Certified Expert in Warehouse Management certification program is to equip the supply chain professionals in the strategic aspects of managing a warehouse or a distribution centre. The course content of CEWM is for the senior professionals who are responsible for managing an enterprise wide warehouse or distribution centres design, development, operation, and expansion in alignment with the corporate and supply chain strategies. CEWM certificate is from Integrated Institute of Supply Chain Management (IISCM) – a unit of Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited.

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