CLTD Progress Report

Module 1: Logistics Overview and Strategy
Section A: Logistics Fundamentals
1. Topic 1: Logistics History, Definitions, and Scope
2. Topic 2: Total Cost Concept and Tradeoffs
3. Topic 3: Principles, Components, and Drivers of Logistics
Section B: The Role, Value, and Cost of Logistics
4. Topic 1: Supply Chain Management and the Role of Logistics
5. Topic 2: The Value of Logistics Management
6. Topic 3: Logistics Costing
Section C: Logistics strategy within the supply chain
7. Topic 1: Goals and Objectives
8. Topic 2: Value Propositions and Cost and Service Optimization
9. Topic 3: Contracting and Budgeting
10. Topic 4: Segmentation
11. Topic 5: Product Life Cycles
Section D: Logistics Framework
12. Topic 1: Organizational Design and SC Synchronization
13. Topic 2: Logistics Relationships
14. Topic 3: Strategic Risk Management
15. Topic 4: Talent Acquisition and Management
Section E: Strategic Performance Management
16. Topic 1: Performance Management
17. Topic 2: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
18. Topic 3: SCOR Model
19. Topic 4: Financial Performance Metrics and Benchmarking
Section F: Reengineering and Continuous Improvement
20. Topic 1: Reengineering
21. Topic 2: Continuous Improvement

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