CLTD Nov 2022 Batch


Module 1: Logistics and Supply Chain Overview
Section A: Logistics Fundamentals
Section B: Logistics Strategy within the Supply Chain
Section C: Lean Logistics

Module 2: Capacity Planning and Demand Management
Section A: Aligning Supply and Demand
Section B: Translating Demand into Capacity Planning
Section C: Demand Management
Section D: Sourcing and Procurement of Inventory

Module 3: Order Management
Section A: Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Section B: Order Management
Section C: Customer Service Management (CSM)

Module 4: Inventory and Warehouse Management
Section A: Planning Operations
Section B: Inventory Management Methods
Section C: Inventory Control
Section D: Warehousing Strategy and Management
Section E: Packaging and Materials Handling

Module 5: Transportation
Section A: Transportation Fundamentals
Section B: Modes of Transportation
Section C: Transportation Management

Module 6: Global Logistics Considerations
Section A: Infrastructure and System
Section B: Regulations
Section C: Customs Clearing and Documentation
Section D: Finance and Payment Options
Section E: Currency and Tax Considerations

Module 7: Logistics Network Design
Section A: Facilities Planning
Section B: Distribution Network Design
Section C: Risk Management

Module 8: Reverse Logistics and Sustainability
Section A: Reverse Logistics
Section B: Sustainability

Written by Malathi Dileepan

Malathi Dileepan is a B.Tech. in Information Technology and has been working as Manager [Certifications and Consulting] since 2012. She has led several business analysis projects and has tremendous knowledge in all the 20+ certifications offered by Fhyzics.

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