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    Iyyappan S

    Associate SCM Consultant

    An MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management with over three years of experience in Supply Chain Consulting and Training. University Medalist. Also, I completed Certification in Data Science & Supply Chain Analytics, Designed Supply Chain magazines for various clients through Adobe InDesign. I have written various Supply Chain Articles. Familiar with Business Analysis projects and Supply Chain Mapping. Also, published a paper at a National Level Conference. Completed Edubridge Certified Industry Professional Program with NSDC. Also taking CBSC classes.

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    Malathi Dileepan

    Certification Manager at Fhyzics

    Manager [Certifications and IT] at Fhyzics. Experienced for 10 years in marketing and promotions of SCM, NPD and BA and coordination with various certification bodies. Managing the overall information technology management and the associated IT assets. Also, coordinating with clients regarding estimation, additional document support, invoicing and payment. 

  • Venkadesh N

    Venkadesh Narayanan

    Principal Consultant at Fhyzics

    A Mechanical Engineer and MBA with over 30 years of experience in Business Strategy, Business Analysis, New Product Development, Supply Chain, and Procurement. He is a former member of Indian Civil Services [IRAS 2000] and served in the Indian Railways.

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