The 29 Competencies You Must Master to Become A CBAP*


Each profession has two sets of competencies. One is the core competencies and the other is the underlying competencies. Take the example of a medical doctor. The set of knowledge possessed

by the doctor in terms of human anatomy, diseases and medicines etc. forms the core competency. But this alone doesn’t make the doctor successful. He needs another set of competencies that is the underlying competencies. The skill set of the doctor such as communication, empathy, ethics etc. forms the underlying competencies. In summary, the core competency will make someone as a professional in a given field, but the underlying competencies will help them to succeed in the procession.

Business analysts are no exception. Mastering the knowledge areas and techniques will help them to become a business analysis professional, but the proficiency in the 29 underlying competencies will help them to shine as a business analyst. The 29 underlying competencies are,

  1. Creative Thinking
  2. Decision Making
  3. Learning
  4. Problem Solving
  5. Systems Thinking
  6. Conceptual Thinking
  7. Visual Thinking
  8. Ethics
  9. Personal Accountability
  10. Trustworthiness
  11. Organisation and Time Management
  12. Adaptability
  13. Business Acumen
  14. Industry Knowledge
  15. Organisation Knowledge
  16. Solution Knowledge
  17. Methodology Knowledge
  18. Verbal Communication
  19. Non-Verbal Communication
  20. Written Communication
  21. Listening
  22. Facilitation
  23. Leadership and Influencing
  24. Teamwork
  25. Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
  26. Teaching
  27. Office Productivity Tools and Technology
  28. Business Analysis Tools and Technology
  29. Communication Tools and Technology


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    which you can use to assess to your current state in the 29 competencies and to set your objective goals. IIBA arrived at this list of 29 competencies in a collaborative exercise with thousands of business analysts across the globe. A business analyst must understand the underlying competencies, then benchmark him or her against a reference and then work towards mastering the underlying competencies. BABoK v3 will help you in achieving the first part, that is understanding the underlying competencies.      

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Written by Prema Kani

M/s. Prema Kani is currently the Research Analyst and has about 3 years of working experience in Hubspot CRM & CMS, Marketing, Quotation & Invoice and Customer Support field. She has specific work experience in maintaining the records of customer interactions, recording the details of inquiries, complaints and comments. Also coordinating and tracking the enquiry handling process within the team. Creating email campaigns and tracking the performance continuously. Follow up to ensure that appropriate actions were taken on customers' requests.

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