The 30 Tasks You Must Master to Become A CBAP

Mastering Input-Task-Output Diagrams of BABoK v3

To succeed in Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) examination one need to master the

The 50 Techniques You Must Master to Become A CBAP

A business analyst doesn’t write a piece of code or manufacture a part but lays the roadmap for the creation of the software or gadget or machinery. Business analysts work in the virtual world,

The 29 Competencies You Must Master to Become A CBAP*

Each profession has two sets of competencies. One is the core competencies and the other is the underlying competencies. Take the example of a medical doctor. The set of knowledge possessed

A Guide To Certified Business Analysis Professional*

Certified Business Analysis Professional is the world’s leading business analysis certification, popularly known as CBAP was launched in the year 2006 by International Institute of Business

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