Supply Chain Interview Questions: Part-I


The first step in preparing for a successful interview outcome is forecasting the possible questions that you would encounter in the interview board. Research shows that those who adopt this approach performs two to five times better in an interview compared to the unprepared mind.

The benefit of this approach is multi-fold. One, it helps you to study the job description thoroughly. Second, you will do some amount of research. Only after these two steps one would think of coming out with the possible list of questions. Third, it builds enormous confidence inside you to face the interview board. Fourth, since you had already gone through the typical questions, you will be in a better position to listen, understand and analyse the questions and will be able to organise and articulate the answer.

Here is our small support in this direction. We have generated a series of possible questions running into several thousands and released in a periodical manner. All the questions may not be relevant for your position, but this list will certainly help you to trigger the right questions that are suitable to you.

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Supply Chain Interview Questions

1. How do you classify forecasting techniques?
2. How do you select a suitable forecasting method for our company? What questions would you ask to the stakeholders?
3. Are you aware of Delphi method? If I ask you to perform forecasting using this method for the upcoming new product launch, how would you do it?
4. What is qualitative forecasting?
5. What is quantitative forecasting?
6. Can you describe the three forecasting principles and explain them with examples?
7. Can you elaborate how the forecasting principles are applied in Manufacturing Planning and Control framework?
8. Are you aware of pyramid forecasting? How is it done?
9. What is CPFR? Do you have any experience?
10. CPFR came in mid 1990s. Who is the contributor to CPFR and how is it performed?



The above questions are applicable to the following positions:

Catalogue Lead, Category Manager, Inventory Control Specialist, Supply Planner, Supply Chain Analyst, Reverse Logistics Manager, Research Analyst, Purchase Executive, Warehouse Coordinator, Transportation Specialist, Supply Chain Consultant, Trade Compliance Specialist, Trade and Route Manager, Inbound Material Analyst, Pricing Analyst, Fleet Manager, Merchandise Manager, Commodity Business Manager, Store Manager, Replenishment Manager,Storeroom Clerk, Shipping Executive, Production Planning Analyst, Transportation Manager, Global Supply Manager, Package, Management Manager, Director of Distribution and Logistic, Transportation Supervisor, Sales Operation Manager, Fulfilment Operations Coordinator, Warehouse Supervisor, Manufacturing Manager, Plant Manager, Territory Managerm, Packing Materials Manager, Training and Development Manager, Machine Operator, Safety Supervisor, Returns Operation Manager, Supplier Quality Manager, Production Manager, Business Development Manager, Warehouse General Manager, Machinist, Country Sales Manager, Associate Director, Production Controller, Transport, Logistic Assistant, Chief Operation- Transportation, CAPEX Procurement Manager, Regional Supply Chain Director, Fleet Specialist, Distribution Lead, Materials Planner, SCM - Supplier Relationship Manager, Cost Manager, Business Partner, Senior Contracts Manager, Facility Manager, Distribution Planning Manager, Head of Supplier Management, Controller, Warehouse Operative, Shipping Coordinator, Category Analyst, Financial Planner, Supplier, Support Specialist, Regional Quality Specialist, Principal Supply Chain Consultant, Inventory Strategy Planner, Inventory Optimization Analyst, Assistant Plant Controller, Freight Forwarder, Commercial Goods Manager, Senior, Manager Distribution, Manager Site Operations, Senior Estimator, Station Operations Manager, Transit Specialist, Associate Director - Supply Chain, Supply Chain Specialist, Commodity Lead, Global Distribution Centre Manager, Forecasting and Inventory Manager, Operations Manager, Vendor Manager, Production Supervisor, Product Manager, Global Commodity Buyer, Vice President, Senior Facilities In Charge, Project Planner, Senior Manufacturing, PlannerHead of Supply Chain, Inventory Management Specialist, Financial Consultant, Strategy and Operation Analyst, Head of Trust and Safety Operations, Head of Contracts Manager, Director Global Supplier Quality, Partner Alliance Manager, Delivery, Operations Manager, Area Manager - Supply Chain, Senior Manager- Plant Operations, Storage Associate, Production Operative, Lead Last-Mile Analytics, Sourcing Analyst, Global Vendor Lead, Quality Analyst, Regional Sourcing Specialist, Global - Commodity Lead (Supply Chain), Supply Chain Lead Analyst, Lead Analytics – Supply Chain, Customer Operations (Last-Mile) Executive, International Logistic Specialist, Director Supplier, Manager -, Indirect Sourcing, Senior Analyst - Planning, Senior Vendor Manager, Trust and Safety Operations Manager, Vendor, Management Administrator, Supply Chain Associate, Senior Manager Vendor Operations, Global Supply Chain Manager, Senior Sourcing Manager, Reverse Supply Chain Plan, Global Merchandise Planning, Transport Operation Executive, Global Account Manager, Global Sourcing Executive, Sales Operations Associate, Control Tower Executive, Fulfilment Operations Executive, Supply Chain - Delivery Manager, Product Manager - Item and Inventory, Manager - Supply Chain Excellence.

Written by IISCM

Integrated Institute of Supply Chain Management, a unit of Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited specialising in supply chain management consulting and education. IISCM trains and certifies SCM professionals in procurement, supply chain management, inventory, and warehousing.

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