The Myths of Innovation


In this new paperback edition of the classic bestseller, you will be taken on a hilarious, fast-paced ride through the history of ideas. Author Scott Berkun will show you how to transcend the false stories that many business experts, scientists and much of pop culture foolishly use to guide their thinking about how ideas change the world. With four new chapters on putting the ideas in the book to work, updated references and over 50 corrections and improvements, now is the time to get past the myths and change the world.

You'll have fun while you learn:

  • Where ideas come from.
  • The true history of history.
  • Why most people don't like ideas.
  • How great managers make ideas thrive.
  • The importance of problem finding.
  • The simple plan (new for paperback).

Since its initial publication, this classic bestseller has been discussed on NPR, MSNBC, CNBC and at Yale University, MIT, Carnegie Mellon University, Microsoft, Apple, Intel, Google, Amazon.com and other major media, corporations and universities around the world. It has changed the way thousands of leaders and creators understand the world. Now in an updated and expanded paperback edition, it's a fantastic time to explore or rediscover this powerful view of the world of ideas.

The Myths of Innovation: Scott Berkun | Shroff | O'Reilly

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The myth of epiphany

Ideas never stand alone, Beyond epiphany

Chapter 2: We understand the history of innovation

Why does history seem perfect?, Evolution and innovation: Innovation and evolution demystified, Dominant designs dominate history

Chapter 3: There is a method for innovation

How innovations start: The seeds of innovation, The challenges if innovation, The infinite paths of innovation, Finding paths of innovation

Chapter 4: People love new ideas

Managing the fears of innovation, The list of negative things innovators hear, The innovator's dilemma explained, Frustration + innovation = entrepreneurship?, How innovations gain adoption (the truth about ideas before their time)

Chapter 5: The lone inventor

The convenience of lone inventors, The challenge of simultaneous invention, The myth of the lone inventor, Stepping stones: the origins of spreadsheets and E=mc2

Chapter 6: Good ideas are hard to find

The dangerous life of ideas, How to find good ideas, Ideas and filters

Chapter 7: Your boss knows more about innovation than you

The myth that managers know what to do, Five challenges of managing innovation

Chapter 8: The best ideas win

Why people believe the best wins, The secondary factors of innovation, Space, metrics, and Thomas Jefferson, The goodness/adoption paradox

Chapter 9: Problems and solutions

Problems as invitations, Framing problems to help solve them

Chapter 10: Innovation is always good

Measuring innovation: the goodness scale, Innovations are unpredictable (DDT, automobiles, and the Internet)

Chapter 11: Epilogue: Beyond hype and history

The simple plan

Chapter 12: Creative thinking hacks

Kill creative romance, Combinations, Inhibition, Persistence, Creative thinking hacks

Chapter 13: How to pitch an idea

All idea demand change

Chapter 14: How to stay motivated

The big mptivations

Research and recommendations

Annotated bibliography

Ranked bibliography

Other research sources




Written by Venkadesh Narayanan

Venkadesh is a Mechanical Engineer and an MBA with 30 years of experience in the domains of supply chain management, business analysis, new product development, business plan and standard operating procedures. He is currently working as Principal Consultant at Fhyzics Business Consultants. He is also serving as President, PDMA-India (an Indian affiliate of PDMA, USA) and Recognised Instructor of APICS, USA and CIPS, UK. He is a former member of Indian Civil Services (IRAS). Fhyzics offers consulting, certification, and executive development programs in the domains of supply chain management, business analysis and new product development.

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