Winning at Innovation 


Key Features A great handbook on innovation, elaboration by two of the most brilliant academic authors in the field This is a superb book that captures the way to set the stage and create a positive climate for product innovation in the corporation. About the Book: Winning at Innovation: The A to F Model Innovate or Die! Companies that cannot innovate and develop newproducts, strategies and technologies to keep ahead in today'sfastpaced market will not succeed. Winning at Innovation presents agroundbreaking new model for successful marketing advancement fromtwo world-leading experts in marketing and innovation, FernandoTrias de Bes and Philip Kotler. Innovation is a responsibility normally assigned to R&Ddepartments but this is not enough. Companies need a systematicframework so innovation can occur at any level of the organization.The A-F Model is a step-by-step process for developing a successfulculture of innovation, bringing together the different individualsand groups across the organization for ideas to be created,developed and implemented.

Offering flexibility, the model allows aback and forth flow of ideas and creativity to adapt to changingcircumstances. Using this model, companies can learn how to maketheir innovation processes more effective, more sustainable, andmore successful. Innovation must be a priority for organizations who want to beready to grow and develop in post-recession economies. Trias de Besand Kotler present a unique model for innovation for all companiesthat want to succeed in the global field. About the Authors: Fernando Trias de Bes, Philip Kotler Philip Kotler is the author of: Marketing Management: Analysis,Planning, Implementation and Control, 13th ed., the most widelyused marketing book in graduate business schools worldwide andseveral others. He has published over one hundred articles inleading journals, several of which have received best-articleawards. 

Winning at Innovation | Philip kotler(Author)|

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Table of Contents

Part 1: Your creative self

Nurturing your creative genius, Seeing what others do not see, Becoming a more powerful innovator, Giving up old ideas for better ideas

Part 2: Leading innovators

Building a better, bigger brain, Organising people for innovation, Creating a powerful innovation culture, Motivating innovators

Part 3: Creating innovation

Using the power of (creative) rebels, Making new ideas useful, Grinding your way from insight to (successful) innovation, Measuring (unmeasurable) innovation

Part 5: Innovator’s turning points

A beautiful idea is never perfect, Little differences make a big difference, Sometimes you have to gamble everything, Leaders get the innovation they deserve

Part 6: The innovator’s toolkit

Creating (smarter) new ideas, Altshuller’s innovation pyramid, Burgelman and Seigel’s minimum winning game, Osborn and Parnes’ creative problem-solving (CPS), Altshuller’s theory of inventive problem-solving (TRIZ), Osterwalder’s business model canvas, Amabile’s internal and external motivation, Guilford’s convergent and divergent thinking, Ries’ build-measure-learn wheel, Shaping better futures, Schroeder’s innovation journey, Usher’s path of cumulative synthesis, Benyus’ biomimicry design lens, Van de Ven’s leadership rhythms, Friend’s three types of uncertainty, Teece’s win, lose, follow, innovate grid, d.school’s design thinking modes, Sharing beautiful ideas, Henderson and Clark’s four types of innovation, Rogers’ adoption and diffusion curve, Abernathy and Utterback’s three phases of innovation, Chesbrough’s open innovation, March’s exploration vs. exploitation, Johnson and Johnson’s constructive controversy cycle, Powell and Grodal’s networks for innovation, Boyd’s OODA loop





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