Supply Chain Jobs at Pepsico

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Typical Supply Chain Jo

Typical Supply Chain Jobs at PepsiCo

Data Engineer, Master Data Management, Report Production Analyst, Senior Manager, Associate Manager, Planning & Analysis – Deputy Manager, Channel Reporting Analyst, Area Sales Manager, Intelligent Automation Developer, Senior Product Manager, Trade Marketing Manager, Process Engineering Sr Manager, Maintain/Engineering Sr Supervisor, Associate Manager PD Solution Engineering, Identify and Access Management, SAP Retail – Senior Consultant PepsiCo, Full Stack Engineer, Communication Manager – Monitoring, Communications Analyst – Monitoring 

Job Description for Data Engineer at PepsiCo 

  • Execute development of software, processes and codes that format, tag, process, store, and service data to support large scale, efficient data pipelines and optimize data availability 
  • Consult and collaborate with Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineers, and BI Engineers to identify data transformation and data quality needs for digital products 
  • Inventory and explore available data sources, including third-party data, clean and wrangle data from multiple sources into formats that can be efficiently used and provide appropriate access to GBS Digital Factory developers and engineers 
  • Execute support of day-to-day ETL processes, maintain, troubleshoot, and support existing data workflow processes, delivering fixes and optimizations where appropriate 
  • Execute monitoring of data hygiene standards while ingesting and transforming data across systems 
  • Execute data quality and governance standards, ensure new and existing data models are consistent with established data privacy and confidentiality policies 
  • Consult and collaborate with Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, and Business Intelligence Engineers in the application of data for digital products, including the building of algorithms and real-time analytics solutions
  • Inform oneself and stay knowledgeable on best practices, key trends, and emerging technologies in the data engineering field 

Job Description for Master Data Management at PepsiCo 

  • SAP Customer Master Workflow Management for ANZ 
  • First point of call for customer workflow issues 
  • Usage by Accounts Receivable team for credit management or customer blocks 
  • Usage by Go-To-Market team for customer changes 
  • Provide training to new users on workflows and controls 
  • Assist with periodic controls testing and risk assessments for customer & vendor master data 
  • Periodical customer and vendor data quality checks, providing remediation plans and actions 
  • Implement improvements and fixes to workflow processes and data maintenance processes for customer & vendor master 
  • Implement improvements and fixes to customer/pricing master data reports together with Sales Admin 
  • Support any customer or vendor mass changes requests from the business by engaging with Sector DMO Team 
  • Back up for Materials and Contracts data steward ANZ tasks 
  • Carry out changes via workflow 
  • Review & support mass maintenance requests 
  • Maintain creation of new materials and cost new packaging materials 
  • Manage shared services to set up new contracts and make changes to existing contracts for Procurement, Vending, Demand Planning, Plant Maintenance and Agronomy teams 

Job Description for Senior Product Manager at PepsiCo 

  • Lead dedicated Market team at HBS and ensure effective and comprehensive support for North America beverage retail team 
  • Manage stakeholder relationship and governance. Work closely with Retail leadership team to drive business outcomes 
  • Enable his/her associate’s capabilities and enforce consistency in execution of key capability areas; TPM planning and quality, trade spend optimization and forecast accuracy 
  • Collaborate cross functionality and bring in efficiencies by leveraging multiple skillsets in the organization 
  • Becoming aware of business trends, economic conditions, customer developments, competitive activities, historical category learnings 
  • Assisting in delivery of planned net revenue, trade spend and MC objectives, in a manner that is consistent with the strategic direction for the business 
  • Design and execute TPM CoE service delivery model; Adapt CoE model for any business change 
  • Ensure relationship and connect with business by integrating front and back-end services and share team performance 
  • Scale-up operation in-line with business growth, both within existing scope, as well as new areas of opportunity 
  • Create an inclusive and collaborative environment 

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