The Product Manager's Desk


Whatever your business sells, product management is one of the most important functions in the organization's pursuit of profits. With everexpanding globalization and increasingly fierce competition, the stakes are higher than ever--and the room for error narrower than ever.

Introducing a brand-new Product Management Life Cycle (PMLC) model, The Product Manager's Desk Reference, Second Edition, provides the knowledge, tools, and insight you need to establish yourself as a cutting-edge productmanager who contributes measurably to your company's success.

In this fully revised edition of the definitive product management guide, veteran product management thought leader and practitioner Steven Haines clearly illustrates the entire product life cycle, from beginning to end. The Product Manager's Desk Reference is packed with an array of best practices and helpful hints that arecritical to the efficient management of products.

Written for practitioners by a practitioner, TheProduct Manager's Desk Reference explains how to:

  • Choose and justify which products to build
  • Plan for their profitable creation and deployment
  • Develop and launch them
  • Manage them once they enter the market
  • Gracefully retire them and replace them with new products
  • Efficiently allocate investments across all of the products in an organization

The Product Manager's Desk Reference embodieseverything "product management." It is a comprehensive, versatile, must-have resource for anyone who works in any company, in any industry, who seeks to successfully and profitably market and manage products and services.

The Product Manager's Desk: Steven Haines | McGraw-Hill

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: What Is Product Management?
Product Lines, Product Portfolios, Solutions, Bundles, and Systems, Product Elements and Modules, Platforms

Chapter 2 The Product Master Plan 
The Format of the Product Master Plan, The Basic Construction of the Product Master Plan, Product and Product Line Business Documents, Cross-Functional Product Team and Other Organizational Information, Product Performance and Other Business Information

Chapter 3: Leadership: Creating Influence
Leadership Behaviors and Mindset, Additional Skills and Subject Matter Expertise, Experiential Development, How Do You Improve Your Skills and Experiences?

Chapter 4 Cross-Functional Product Teams: Getting Things Done
Teaming Is Not Always Easy, Curing the Dysfunctional Team, Building Blocks of a Cross-Functional Product Team, Team Membership, Multicultural Product Team Issues, Product Team Responsibilities

Chapter 5 Problem Solving and Decision Making: What’s Next?
The Importance of Decision Making, Decision Making and Problem Solving, Saving Grace: A Case Study about Decision Making, Decision-Making Techniques





Written by Venkadesh Narayanan

Venkadesh is a Mechanical Engineer and an MBA with 30 years of experience in the domains of supply chain management, business analysis, new product development, business plan and standard operating procedures. He is currently working as Principal Consultant at Fhyzics Business Consultants. He is also serving as President, PDMA-India (an Indian affiliate of PDMA, USA) and Recognised Instructor of APICS, USA and CIPS, UK. He is a former member of Indian Civil Services (IRAS). Fhyzics offers consulting, certification, and executive development programs in the domains of supply chain management, business analysis and new product development.

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