Demand for Business Analysts

In today’s scenario of complex business environment due to high competition, frequent disruptions in business, fast evolving technologies and high customer expectations, I would recommend all


What do we do as a Business Analyst?

From the earlier topic, you can understand as a business analyst we help the organization in multiple ways such as


What is Business Analysis?

Business analysis is the set of activities performed by a business analyst to

  • Satisfy the needs of an organization

Myths that Plague Business Analysis

#1 Must be an MBA

Many students that are coming out of colleges are confused by others that only with an MBA one can become a business analyst. See any additional qualification will work your favor. This is


Business Analysis A Must For Company and Nation Building*

On Sunday 06-Oct-2019 morning, I woke up like any other holiday without much agenda on my calendar. While having coffee, just noticed my book shelf in the living room and it was in a chaotic state. These are all my most frequently referred books. The book shelf came to this condition, where it was next to impossible to retrieve any books. So, I got a thing to do on this Sunday. I was carefully taking out the books one-by-one, because these are all my priced possessions. Normally I don’t give my books to anyone, as it is hard to keep a track of it. Once my close friend jokingly asked me, if there is a situation you must trade between me and one of these books, what would you do? I immediately told him, “I will trade you for these books”. For your information, still he is my friend! A very understanding one though.


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