CIOP Certificate Guidelines for CRM & InDesign



Standard Operating Procedure for CIOP Certificate Guidelines for CRM & InDesign:


  1. Once the candidate paid for CIOP, we need to change the services field from CIOP to CIOP Candidate in Hubspot
  2. Then enter the CIOP Status as Enrolled in Hubspot 
  3. Then assign a CIOP Number for them from CIOP Number list
  4. Choose the Type 
  5. Save the above details in HubSpot
  6. Then send the CIOP Mailing Address Form to the candidate
  7. Courier the Material to the given address
  8. And inform them by email in Hubspot with tracking details
  9. Class registration need to be done 
  10. Once will give the LMS access, credentials needs to be shared to them by email
  11. Every week session recording to be uploaded in LMS
  12. Then give the access to all and inform them as well
  13. Once the training is over, please check the candidate about their exam date
  14. And assign the CIOP Exam on the given day 
  15. Once they completed the result will be shared by an email
  16. Then change the CIOP Status accordingly. For example, if they passed means need to change the status as Passed

Get the Candidate’s Passing Information:

  1. We need to prepare the CIOP Certificate for who achieves 70% or above in CIOP Exam
  2. The above details, we need to refer and verify in LMAS. LMAS Link is https://fhyzics.talentlms.com/
  3. Certification Manager needs to the provide the below details to the designer for preparing the certificate through HubSpot
    -Full Name ( Official Name) – First Name & Last Name
    -Date of Passing ( Refer in LMAS)
    -Certificate Number ( Select from Certificate Number List)
  4. Certification Manager needs to enter the above details in HubSpot. We need to enter the above details in Notes Section for the designer reference
  5. And to be inform to the Designer

Certificate Preparation :

  1. Once the candidate passed the CIOP Examination, we need to prepare the certificate and then take the print out in Texture Board ( White Colour)
  2. Within ONE business day we need to send the electronic copy of the CIOP Certification by email.
  3. And within SEVEN business days we need to send the hardcopy of the certificate through postal mail.

Courier Formalities:

  1. Once we take the print out, Then place it in File Folder
  2. Then pack this with A4 size Cloth Cover
  3. Then write the From & To Address properly
  4. Then courier this by using DHL for Domestic and Blue Dart for International
  5. Once send tracking details should be entered in HubSpot in Link URL
  6. And then tracking details email needs to be send to the candidate

Indesign Certificate Elements:

Click here to view the certificate

  1. We need to use the Certificate Design Template for preparing the certificate
  2. We need to change the Name, CIOP Number 
  3. Then save the InDesign copy as in the filename of CIOP-Firstname-Lastname-CIOPNumber.indd
  4. Then Export as Save as PDF in Print format
  5. File Name as CIOP-Firstname-Lastname-CIOPNumber.pdf

    Certificate formatting as below 

Font Name: Cubano
Size: 20 pt

Font Name   - Font is Oswald
Font size :35 Pt

Font Name : Cubano
Size : 17Pt
Space :20 Pt

Font Name: Oswald
Font Size :35 pt

Font Name: Cubano
Font Size :20pt

Font Name: Old English Text MT
Font Size :33pt
Space : 31 Pt

Font Name: Franlin Gothic Medium Cond Regular
Font Size :15pt

Font Name: Abolition
Font Size :15pt
Space : 22 pt

Font Name: Oswald
Font Size :18 pt

Font Name: Minion Pro
Font Size :14pt
Space : 16 pt
Style : Itlalic

Font Name: Minion Pro
Font Size : 15pt
Space : 18 pt


Written by IISCM

Integrated Institute of Supply Chain Management, a unit of Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited specialising in supply chain management consulting and education. IISCM trains and certifies SCM professionals in procurement, supply chain management, inventory, and warehousing.

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