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This SOP article deals with an elaborated report on “Poultry Processing”. This industry primarily involved in producing of processed poultry and other meat by-products. Growing global population, rising demand from related food industry, increasing awareness for its heathy benefits, continuous production in poultry farming, and national economic conditions these are the major facts which influence the growth of global poultry processing industry market. In comparison with the end users, related food producing industries are the major segments, which rises a huge demand for the meat in the global market. Industries in North America region dominates the global poultry processing market in terms of distribution and revenue generation, and Asia-Pacific region is expected to witness a phenomenal growth in upcoming forecast period. Small industry act as a major player and generates more revenue than the leading industries in several regions especially in India. Owing to its rich protein content, doctor and other health organizations are suggesting the children to intake of fresh poultry meat, and this leads to stimulate the growth of industry market. Pandemic flu rises from chicken, alternative substitute foods for protein, and increasing number of vegetarians are the major threats that restricts the growth of poultry processing industry. Due to the meat’s rising pace of demand, the global poultry processing industry market is expected to attain a phenomenal growth, with a growing CAGR of 4%.

Industry’s Subsector:
• Canning poultry
• Chickens canned or cooked
• Chickens, slaughtering and dressing
• Dressing small game
• Ducks canned or cooked
• Ducks, slaughtering and dressing
• Geese canned or cooked
• Geese, slaughtering and dressing
• Hams, poultry, manufacturing
• Hot dogs, poultry, manufacturing
• Luncheon meat, poultry, manufacturing
• Meat canning, poultry manufacturing
• Combination of poultry and other meats
• Poultry slaughtering, dressing, and packing
• Processed poultry manufacturing
• Rabbits processing
• Rabbits slaughtering and dressing
• Small game canned or cooked
• Small game, slaughtering, dressing and packing
• Turkeys canned, or cooked
• Turkeys, slaughtering and dressing

Industry Process:
The industry operation starts with purchase of domesticated birds such as chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese, pigeons, quails, and others from poultry farming industry. While, some poultry process industry has its own farming. Technological advancements play a vital role in enhancing the poultry processing operation in an efficient manner, where the automated machines are used for various operation such as killing, scalding, defeathering, removal of body parts, and evisceration. After, involving in certain process, the meats are allowed for inspection to ensure its condition and quality. Finally, they are packed and distributed for the respective customers.

Steps involved in this Industry:
• Stunning and Killing
• Scalding
• Defeathering
• Removal of Heads and Legs
• Evisceration and Inspection.
List of Machinery used in this industry:
• Automated Chicken Skinning Machine
• Automated Chicken De-boning Machine
• Mid-Wing Tulip Processor Machine
• Chicken “spare rib” Cutter
• Chicken Fillet Splitter (Filleting Machine)

International Standard and Association Regarding this Industry:
• ISO/TC 34/SC 6|International Organization for Standardization- https://www.iso.org/committee/47880/x/catalogue/ 
• ASTM F2463 - 15| ASTM International- https://www.astm.org/Standards/F2463.htm 
• ASTM F2343 - 05| ASTM International- https://www.astm.org/DATABASE.CART/HISTORICAL/F2343-05.htm 
• World Poultry Science Association- http://www.wpsa.com/
• International Poultry Council- https://www.internationalpoultrycouncil.com/  
• World Veterinary Poultry Association- http://www.wvpa.net/ 
Leading Poultry Processing Industries in the World:
• JBS S.A.| State of São Paulo, Brazil| https://jbs.com.br/en/ 
• Tyson Foods| Arkansas, United States| http://www.tysonfoods.com/ 
• BRF SA| Santa Catarina, Brazil| https://www.brf-global.com/en/ 
• New Hope Liuhe Co| Sichuan, China| http://en.newhopegroup.com/ 
• Charoen Pokphand Group| Bangkok, Thailand| http://www.cpgroupglobal.com/ 
• Koch Foods| Illinois, United States| http://www.kochfoods.com/ 
• Perdue Farms| Maryland, United States| http://www.perduefarms.com/ 
• Sanderson Farms| Mississippi, United States| http://www.sandersonfarms.com/  
• Bachoco| Guanajuato, Mexico| http://bachoco.com.mx/ 
• Pilgrim's Pride| Colorado, United States| http://www.pilgrims.com/ 

Journals and Magazine Related to this Industries:
• Poultry World Magazine- https://www.poultryworld.org/ 
• NEW Poultry Business Magazine| Poultry News- http://www.poultrynews.co.uk/poultrybusiness 
• Asian Poultry Magazine| Asian Agribiz- https://www.asian-agribiz.com/magazines/asian-poultry-magazine/ 
• Hind Poultry Magazine- http://www.hindpoultry.com/  
• Canadian Poultry Magazine- https://www.canadianpoultrymag.com/digital-edition/
• Journal of Applied Poultry Research| Elsevier- https://www.journals.elsevier.com/journal-of-applied-poultry-research/ 
• Poultry Science Journal- http://psj.gau.ac.ir/ 

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