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This article discusses “Treasury Department and its SOP Manual”. Treasury involves the management of money and financial risks in a business. Its priority is to ensure the business has the money it needs to manage its day-to-day business obligations, while also helping develop its long - term financial strategy and policies.

Standard Operating Procedure
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Department Under the Treasury:

  • Front Office: Responsible for carrying out day-to-day analysis and transactions relating to the management of funding, risk, cash and liquidity.
  •  Middle Office: Only larger treasuries will have a middle office often picking up some of the roles under ‘back office’, commonly the reporting and analysis type roles, but it varies enormously by organisation.
  • Back Office: Administers and supports the front office and its main functions are to validate (confirm and verify), settle, and account for deals.

Role and Responsibility of Treasury Department:

  •  Cash Forecasting
  •  Working Capital Management
  •  Cash Management
  •  Investment Management
  •  Treasury Risk Management
  •  Credit Rating Agency Relations
  •  Bank Relations
  •  Fund Raising
Some of the international association of Treasury Department:

  •  International Group of Treasury Association (IGTA).
  •  The Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT).
  •  Association for Financial Professionals (AFP).
  •  Finance and Treasury Association (FTA)
  •  The Certified Treasury Professional (CTP).
  •  The North Carolina Treasury Management Association (NCTMA).
  •  St. Louis Treasury Management Association (LTMA).
  •  Treasury Management Association of Chicago (TMAC).
  •  European Association of Corporate Treasurers (EACT).
  •  American Bankers Association (ABA).
  •  The San Francisco Treasury Management Association (SFTMA).
  •  Global Association for Quality Management (GAQM).
  •  Treasury Department Recreation Association (TDRA).
  •  Central Ohio Association for Financial Professionals (COAFP).
  •  Association of Corporate Treasurers Singapore (ACTS).
  • Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT).
  •  Treasury Historical Association (THA).
  •  Alabama Association for Financial Professionals (AAFP).
  •  The Houston Treasury Management Association (HTMA).
  •  Dallas Association for Financial Professionals (DAFP).
  •  Malaysian Association of Corporate Treasurers (MACT).
  •  Alliance of Texas Treasury Associations (ATTA).
  •  Mid- Atlantic Association for Financial Professionals (MAAFP).
  •  Rocky Mountain Association for Financial Professionals (RMAFP).
  •  Iowa State County Treasurer’s Association (ISCTA).
International Standard related to this industry:

  •  ISO 9001: 2015
  •  ISO 2001: 2015
  •  ISO 27001: 2013
  •  ISO 9001: 2008
  •  ISO 29990: 2010
  •  ISO 9001: 2000

Some of the magazines and journals that will keep you track on:

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