101 Questions for Assisted Living Facility Business Plan


1. What would you name your brand?
2. What are the services that you would offer?
3. Explain the basic business idea and operation.
4. Is the business constructed with a profit-oriented plan?
5. What would be the initial investment for the business?
6. What is the legal structure?
7. Is the entity insured? Are the relevant documents and parameters achieved?
8. What would be the location of operation?
9. Is the location specified a residential or an industrial area?
10. Age of your target market is?
11. Is your target market gender neutral?
12. Analyse the area profile.
13. Who are the major competitors in your field?
14. What is the average annual income of a family from the locality that you have chosen?
15. Does the locality have parks and other elderly attraction elements?
16. Is healthcare a part of this business plan?
17. Are gyms or walking parks an added facility?
18. Where is the equipment for the gym purchased from?
19. What is your unique value proposition?
20. Analyse the area profile.
21. Age of your target market is? (60+ etc.,)
22. Geographical target is? (nation, city, or state specific)
23. What are your expansion ideas? (interstate, national, global)
24. Who are your main targets? (diabetics etc)
25. How many fellow competitors are present in a radius of 10km around?
26. Are there any specific people who you don’t encourage to stay?
27. Which group is more encouraged and given priority to stay?
28. What are the schemes and charges available?
29. What are the time period regulations allotted?
30. What are the rules and regulations laid in general?
31. Is the service unisexual or gender specific?
32. Are there any elderly couple services or accommodation services?
33. Are the elderly food diets maintained accordingly?
34. How are the stayers given their medication?
35. Are regular health check-ups maintained?
36. How does the service differ with different payment?
37. How are the elders with critical healthcare treated?
38. Are there any regulations on the family to stay in the same city or so?
39. How are the guardian records maintained?
40. How are the family members informed about their being?
41. How often are visits facilitated?
42. Are there any food alternatives practised in case of allergy?
43. How often is the stay renewed?
44. How many floors are available in the building?
45. How many rooms per floor?
46. How many restrooms per floor or room?
47. How does the staying and sanitary facility differ according to pricing schemes?
48. Are the rooms air conditioned?
49. If only specific rooms are air conditioned, what is the criteria?
50. What are the basic management properties given to the hostellers?
51. Would beds, covers and wardrobes be provided to both regular and moving stayers?
52. How long will the reception be open for queries on weekdays?
53. How long will the reception be open on weekends?
54. What is your unique value proposition in terms of regulations?
55. What is your unique value proposition in terms of sanitary and pricing?
56. What are the services that you have bought licenses for?
57. Do you have the required permission to run the business in your location?
58. What is your pax count?
59. What are the different levels of employees?
60. Mention the range in which each of them is paid.
61. Mention the ranges and the count in each of these departments.
62. Any Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) available for employees?
63. Do you have any floating employees?
64. How many floating employees are there?
65. When are the times, you need extra employees?
66. Is there a theme?
67. If yes, what is the theme?
68. Where are the properties bought from? (bed bunks etc)
69. Explain your relationship with the suppliers?
70. How is the hostel kitchen maintained?
71. Who are recruited as head chefs and assistants?
72. Is there a specific dining room available?
73. How and where are these food materials stored?
74. What is the procurement procedure?
75. How long does it take to refill sold out stock on average?
76. How are you planning to advertise your brand?
77. Would you be resorting to influencer marketing or brand sponsorships in future?
78. Are you planning to make your services available on relevant websites as well (Just Dial etc.,)?
79. How is the initial course enrolment facilitated?
80. What are the modes of payment for customers?
81. Is digital and traditional payment possible?
82. What are the legal problems this industry faces?
83. How’ll you mitigate them?
84. Any Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) available for the Legal team?
85. Who’s responsible for budget allocations in a centre?
86. Who’s responsible for daily accounts in a centre?
87. Any Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) available for the Accounts team?
88. Any Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) available for the Finance team?
89. Is there a refund policy?
90. What are the parameters for refund?
91. What is the action taken in terms of non-social activities? (against rules)
92. Is there a medical team available inside the building?
93. How’ll you handle a hosteller in a medical emergency?
94. What is the Standard Operating Procedure for the medical team?
95. Who all does the medical team contain?
96. Are there any hospitals near the hostel?
97. Mention the distance between the nearby hospital, police station and fire station.
98. Mention the distance between the nearby railway station/ metro station.
99. Mention the distance between the nearby airport and the bigger bus stop.
100. Does the centre have social media accounts, webpage and an active online presence?
101. What is the psychographic segmentation that you target on? (believes and lifestyle)

Written by Venkadesh Narayanan

Venkadesh is a Mechanical Engineer and an MBA with 30 years of experience in the domains of supply chain management, business analysis, new product development, business plan and standard operating procedures. He is currently working as Principal Consultant at Fhyzics Business Consultants. He is also serving as President, PDMA-India (an Indian affiliate of PDMA, USA) and Recognised Instructor of APICS, USA and CIPS, UK. He is a former member of Indian Civil Services (IRAS). Fhyzics offers consulting, certification, and executive development programs in the domains of supply chain management, business analysis and new product development.

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