101 Questions for Ice Cream Parlour Business Plan


No matter what type of store you're starting, a good business plan is mandatory. Get a spark of new ideas  from this questions encyclopedia  framed by the experts having 30 years of experience in food industry.

  1. Which is the  area of operation?
  2. What is  the customer segment?
  3. Who are your customers?
  4. Have you analysed the demography of the people?
  5. Have you analysed the psycho-graphy of the people?
  6. How many branches you are planning for?
  7. What are the other stores nearby?
  8. Do the customers need to wait for some time?
  9. Is there any waiting lounge?
  10. How many varieties do you offer?
  11. Local Customer feed backs on existing ice cream parlours?
  12. Are there any Social media promotions?
  13. How many schools are there in that locality (3 Kms radius)?
  14. Is there any school nearby (1 Kms radius)?
  15. Any plans to attract school children?
  16. Whether the parents are online enabled?
  17. What are the other strategies of promotion?
  18. Is there any Tie – Ups with other local stores (like dress shop, bakery)?
  19. How to Display the products?
  20. What is the store plan-o-gram?
  21. How much is the capacity of the cold storage?
  22. Are there any live counters?
  23. How many employees required for live counter?
  24. Any genset facility available?
  25. What is the name of the store?
  26. Is this a franchisee mode?
  27. What is the logo design?
  28. Have you bought patents for these?
  29. Name of the Organization?
  30. Is your Organization legally registered?
  31. Are the employees vaccinated correctly?
  32. How will be the store launching?
  33. What are the aprons you’ll provide for employees in service area
  34. What are the aprons you’ll provide for employees in kitchen area?
  35. What are the aprons you’ll provide for employees in live counter area?
  36. What are the table wares you’ll provide for customers?
  37. Any refreshment for the customers?
  38. Is there a valet parking?
  39. What is the Mission, Vision, and values of the organization?
  40. How the parlour functions? Process map (from entry of customer to exit of customer?
  41. What are the Marketing strategies?
  42. How the Sales strategy will be?
  43. What are the promotional platforms and their costs?
  44. Do you plan for any website?
  45. Which Websites platform is the best? Justify?
  46. What are the tastes and flavours available in the market?
  47. How we’re going to differentiate our products from them?
  48. What is the E- mail marketing tool required?
  49. What are the modes of payment for customers?
  50. Who are the suppliers?
  51. How often inventory should be audited?
  52. How long does it take to deliver the materials?
  53. What are the modes of payment for suppliers?
  54. How often the cash must be deposited in the account?
  55. Any CRM Software needed for database maintenance?
  56. How accounting is made?
  57. How much will be the Typical footfall for the store? – Monthly, weekly
  58. How is the organizational structure?
  59. What capabilities of people are required?
  60. What are their qualifications?
  61. How will be the organizational management structure? 
  62. Who’s the deciding authority?
  63. How many employees are there?
  64. Do you get any subsidies for loans (if any)?
  65. Who are the competitors?
  66. How to Benchmark them?
  67. What are their offerings?
  68. What is their turnover?
  69. What are their marketing strategies?
  70. What is the Avg. footfall for their stores?
  71. Average cost per footfall?
  72. Have you calculated the conversion ratio?
  73. Any special process to identify customers problems?
  74. What is the Cost of acquiring the products?
  75. What is the Cost of selling?
  76. Simple overview about your store.
  77. What are the categories of products?
  78. What is the maximum capacity that can be supplied (without ordering)?
  79. Any door delivery services?
  80. Is there any employee handbook available?
  81. What’s the parlour operational time?
  82. Any special names for the products.
  83. Have you bought the fire license?
  84. What are the Safety measures for customers?
  85. What are the Safety measures for employees?
  86. Any locker room facility available for employees? 
  87. How to control pilferages?
  88. What are the Certifications to be produced?
  89. Any influencing personalities in that locality?
  90. What are the lists of Compliance?
  91. Do you plan for any trade Shows (for bringing new products)?
  92. Is there any SOP available for accounts department?
  93. How to avoid exploitations?
  94. Is there any cold warehouse facility?
  95. How many stages of quality checks for the products?
  96. What are they? Who’s responsible for that?
  97. What is the shelf life of the products?
  98. What’ll be the Terms & Conditions?
  99. What is the Product Portfolio?
  100. What are the Past and Current models (Failure & Successful) in that locality?
  101. What is your Unique selling proposition?

101 Questions for Ice Cream Parlour Business Plan


Written by IISCM

Integrated Institute of Supply Chain Management, a unit of Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited specialising in supply chain management consulting and education. IISCM trains and certifies SCM professionals in procurement, supply chain management, inventory, and warehousing.

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