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This SOP article establishes an examined comprehensive report on “Electric Power Distribution”. This industry primarily involved in distributing of electric power from the generating stations, or else, engaged in operation of power distribution systems. Increasing demand from the consumers, rising economic condition in developing nations, growing global population, urbanization, increasing infrastructure development, and rising production of electricity through various stations these are the major facts which influence the growth of global electric power distribution industry market. Asia-Pacific region dominates the global electric power distribution market in terms of production and distribution of electric power, and owing to their huge population and wide range of geographical area, the region expected to continue its dominance in upcoming forecast period. The government and leading electricity producing industries are investing huge on research & development in order to enhance the industry operation in an efficient manner. Natural disaster, transmission loss, and other electricity leaking accident, these are the major threats that restricts the growth of global electric power distributing industry market. The industry also focusing on to develop the electric distribution equipment’s in order to avoid the threats, where HVDC is an advanced transmission system that used to control the real power and voltage in bulk manner. Due to the increasing pace of demand for electricity, the global electric power distribution market is projected to reach a stable growth, with a growing CAGR of 2.25% by the year 2023.

Industry’s Subsectors:
• Distribution of electric power
• Electric power brokers
• Electric power distribution systems
Industry Process:
The major aspect of this industry operation is to transmit the electricity to the commercial or industrial purpose from the electric generating stations. Where, the electricity is generated through various station including winder power station, nuclear power station, solar power station, hydro power station, geothermal power station, and steam power station. Comparingly, nuclear plant is the major station which produces 39% of global electricity through it. The generated electricity are transmitted to the substation, where majorly they are located near the power plant in order to avoid the transmission loss. High quality transmission systems and HVAC are used to transmit the electricity in bulk manner without the leakage of electricity. Owing to the power generating station’s structure and source it may locate out of the city range, in such a case, the produced electricity are stored in the grid or battery and then, they are supplied to the substation for further process. Between every certain interval period, the maintenance and inspection are done for the electricity transmitting machine and equipment.

Typical Equipment Used in this Industry:
• Circuit Breakers
• Magnetic Starters
• Lighting
• Panel Boards
• Cabling
• Electric Motors
• HVDC (high-voltage direct current) Systems
• Batteries
• Electric Generator
• Transformers
• Relays
• Enclosures
• Contactors
• Variable Frequency Drives
• Electrical Switches
• Electrical Conduit Fittings
• Led Systems

International Standard and Association Regarding this Industry:
• International Association of Electrical Inspectors– https://www.iaei.org/ 
• ISO 29| International Organization for Standardization- https://www.iso.org/ics/29/x/ 
• ISO 29.240| International Organization for Standardization- https://www.iso.org/ics/29.240/x/ 

Leading Power Distributing and Generating Industries in the World:
• ENGIE| La Défense, France| https://www.engie.com/en 
• Iberdrola| Bilbao, Spain| https://www.iberdrola.com/home 
• General Electric| Massachusetts, United States| http://www.ge.com/ 
• Siemens| Munich, Germany| https://new.siemens.com/ 
• SGCC | Beijing, China| http://www.sgcc.com.cn/ 
• Enel| Rome, Italy| http://www.enel.com/ 
• E.ON| Essen, Germany| https://www.eonenergy.com/ 
• T.E.P.C-Tokyo Electric Power Company| Tokyo, Japan| https://www.tepco.co.jp/ 
• K.E.P.C.O-Korea Electric Power Corporation| Naju-si, South Korea| https://home.kepco.co.kr/ 

Magazine and Journals Related to this Industry:
• T&D World Magazine- https://www.tdworld.com/td-world-magazine
• Power Line Magazine- https://powerline.net.in/ 
• EPR Magazine- https://www.eprmagazine.com/ 
• Powerline Magazine- https://powerline.net.in/  
• POWER Magazine- https://www.powermag.com/
• Electric Power Transmission| ScienceDirect- https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/engineering/electric-power-transmission 
• Power electronics applications in bulk power transmission over long distances| IEEE- https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/5637680

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