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This SOP article deals with an elaborated report on “Iron Foundries”. This industry primarily involved in production of iron products by pouring molten pig iron or iron alloys into molds. Rising demand from end use products, increasing growth in constructional and industrial sectors, globalization, emerging economic conditions, and increasing international trading activities, these are the major facts which influence the growth of global iron foundries industry market. Owing to the environmental concerns, where excessive of mining results in environmental degradation in order to avoid this, the industries and government are taking initiatives to manufacture products from recycling process, and this tends to stimulate the iron foundries industry growth. Asia-Pacific region dominates the global iron foundries industry market in terms of production and revenue generation, where especially India and China contribute major in this region. Globally, the demand for iron products is keep on increasing. As a result, the global iron foundries industry market is expected to attain tremendous growth, with a growing CAGR of 7%.

Industry’s Subsector:
• Cast iron brake shoes, railroad, manufacturing.
• Cast iron railroad car wheels manufacturing.
• Castings, compacted graphite iron, unfinished, manufacturing.
• Castings, malleable iron, unfinished, manufacturing.
• Castings, unfinished iron manufacturing.
• Cooking utensils, cast iron, manufacturing.
• Ductile iron castings, unfinished, manufacturing.
• Ductile iron foundries.
• Fittings, soil and pressure pipe manufacturing.
• Gray iron foundries.
• Industrial molds, steel ingot, manufacturing.
• Iron castings, unfinished, manufacturing.
• Iron foundries.
• Malleable iron foundries.
• Manhole covers, cast iron, manufacturing.
• Molds for casting steel ingots manufacturing.
• Molds, steel ingot, industrial, manufacturing.
• Pearlitic castings, malleable iron, unfinished, manufacturing.
• Pipe couplings, cast iron, manufacturing.
• Rolling mill rolls, iron, manufacturing.
• Semisteel foundries.
• Sewer pipe, cast iron, manufacturing.
• Soil pipe, cast iron, manufacturing.
• Water pipe, cast iron, manufacturing.

Industry Process:
The main process of this industry is to heat and mould the iron in order to produce the final end products. This industry operation begins with heating, where the iron is undergone for heating at a temperature of between 626 to 2,012-degree Celsius. The heating process is done until it changes it physical state. Then, the heated iron liquid is poured into a molten shape figure in order to form the defined shape. Based on the requirement, the shape of the figure get changes. Now, the molten iron product is allowed for cooling process to harden and strengthen its structure. Finally, the products are undergone for coating process and inspection takes place to ensure its standard and quality.

Steps involved in this Industry:
• Heating
• Preforming
• Finish Forging
• Cooling
• Finishing
• Quality Control
List of Machine and Equipment used in this industry:
• Broaching machine
• Drill press
• Gear shaper
• Hobbing machine
• Turning machines
• Honing Machines
• Lathe
• Screw machines
• Milling machine
• Shear (sheet metal)
• Shaper
• Saws
• Planer
• Blast furnace
• Reheating Furnace
• Heat-treatment furnaces
• DC electric arc furnace
• Stepping cylinder
• Steel Melting
• Rolling Mills
• Sinter Plant & Pallet Plant
• Continuous Casting Machine
• Long Product Cooling Bed
• Rolling Mill Gear Boxes
• Shears
• Interstands
• Scratch Free Roll Systems
• Furnaces Auxiliary Equipment
• Automatic Cold Rolling Mills
• Grinding machines
• Electrical discharge machining
• Grinding (abrasive cutting)
• Multiple edge cutting tools
• Single edge cutting tools
• Furnace charging machine
• Homogenizing furnace
• Melting furnace
• Holding furnace
• Grain refining alloy
• Grain refining rod dispenser
• Horizontal casting machine
• Hydrogen analyzer
• Immersion heater
• Industrial gases
• Ingot casting machine
• Ingot stacker
• Level control instrumentation
• Metal filtration equipment
• Metal pre-treatment equipment
• Molten level control
• Pollution control equipment
• Refractory and coatings
• Sawing machine and consumable
• Strapping and packaging equipment
• Temperature measurement

International Standard and Association Regarding this Industry:
• International Organization for Standardization| ISO 24314.2006- https://www.iso.org/obp/ui/#iso:std:iso:24314:ed-1:v1:en 
• International Organization for Standardization| ISO 77.140.60- https://www.iso.org/ics/77.140.60/x/ 
• ASTM International| Steel Standards- https://www.astm.org/Standards/steel-standards.html 
• World Steel Association- https://www.worldsteel.org/ 
• AIST- Association for Iron and Steel Technology- https://www.aist.org/home 

Leading Iron Manufacturing Industries in the World:
• ArcelorMittal| Luxembourg| https://corporate.arcelormittal.com/ 
• Baowu| Shanghai, China| http://www.baowugroup.com/en/ 
• Hesteel Group| Shijiazhuang, China| http://www.hbisco.com/site/en/index.html 
• POSCO| Pohang-si, South Korea| http://www.posco.com/ 
• Shagang Group| Suzhou, China| http://www.sha-steel.com/eng/ 
• Ansteel Group| Anshan, China| http://en.ansteel.cn/ 
• JFE Steel| Tokyo, Japan| https://www.jfe-steel.co.jp/en/ 
• Shougang Group| Beijing, China| https://www.shougang.com.cn/en/ 
• Tata Steel Ltd| Mumbai, India| https://www.tatasteel.com/ 
• Hyundai Steel| Seoul, South Korea| http://www.hyundai-steel.com/ 

Journals and Magazine Related to this Industries:
• Steel & Metallurgy- https://www.steelmetallurgy.com/ 
• Steel 360- https://www.steel-360.com/ 
• Steel Times International- https://www.steeltimesint.com/ 
• Steel Tech- http://www.steeltech-india.com/ 
• Modern Metals Magazine- https://www.modernmetals.com/ 
• Journal of Iron and Steel Research International| Springer- https://www.springer.com/journal/42243 
• International Journal of Metalcasting| Springer- https://www.springer.com/journal/40962 

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