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This SOP article deals with an elaborated report on “Gold Ore Mining”. This industry primarily involved in extraction of gold and also, engaged in transformation of extracted gold into bullion or dore bar. Rising economic conditions in emerging country, increasing demand from related segments, globalization, rising usage of gold products, and improvement in international commodity trading activities these are the major facts which influence the growth of global gold ore mining industry market. Since the ancient period, the wealth of the country or nation is determined based on the quantity of the gold they hold. So, gold act as a vital factor that contributes the economic growth of the respective country. Asia-Pacific region dominates the global mining industry market, where this region contributes 23% of global gold production and china alone produces 14% of gold in the global market. Followingly, American region dominates next in the gold mining industry, with a contribution of 17% and it exports 16% of golds to other regions. Since the evolution of gold, it is considered as a precious metal because of its demand and unique quality. Owing to the increasing pace of demand for gold and its related product, the global gold mining or production is anticipated to reach 132 million ounces by the year 2023.

Industry’s Subsector:
• Bullion, gold, produced at the mine
• Calaverite mining and/or beneficiating
• Gold lode mining and/or beneficiating
• Gold ore mine site development
• Gold ore mining and/or beneficiating plants
• Precipitates mining and/or beneficiating
• Gold placer mining and/or beneficiating
• Lode gold mining and/or beneficiating
• Placer gold mining and/or beneficiating
• Sylvanite mining and/or beneficiating
• Telluride (gold) mining and/or beneficiating

Industry Process:
The industry operation starts with identifying the right location that contains gold ore in it and samples are extracted by drilling. Obtaining or seeking permission from the respective government bodies is the one of the important or primary procedure involved in this industry. After the evolution, an infrastructure is constructed in order to protect and to perform further process. Then, the extraction process gets involved, which includes various sub process in it such as grinding, leaching, electrowinning, water treatment, and tailings disposal. The refining processes are mostly done in manufacturing industry (offsite), where the extracted gold is pre-processed in the site and carried out to the respective industry for further process.

Steps involved in this Industry:
• Finding Deposits
• Drill Testing/Samples
• Building Infrastructure
• Mining samples and determining processing
• Processing (on-site)
• Refining (off-site)
• Mine reclamation
List of Machinery used in this industry:
• Mining drills
• Blasting tools
• Earth movers
• Crushing equipment
• Screening equipment
• Feeding tool
• Conveying equipment
• Analysis tools
• Gravity Separation System
• Dewatering System
• Flotation System
• Ball Mill Rod Mill Grinding
• Optical Sorting System
• Feeding System
• Scrubber Washing Plant
• Elution Electro-Winning System
• Stripping & Drilling Equipment
• Wheel Loaders

International Standard and Association Regarding this Industry:
International Organization for Standardization| ISO 73- https://www.iso.org/ics/73/x/ 
International Organization for Standardization| ISO 11426:2014- https://www.iso.org/standard/57647.html#:~:text=ISO%2011426%3A2014%20specifies%20a,silver%2C%20copper%2C%20and%20zinc .
World Gold Council- https://www.gold.org/ 
World Goldpanning Association- https://www.worldgoldpanningassociation.com/ 

Leading Gold Mining Industries in the World:
Newmont Corporation| Colorado, United States| http://www.newmont.com/ 
Barrick Gold| Toronto, Canada| http://www.barrick.com/ 
AngloGold Ashanti| Johannesburg, South Africa| http://www.anglogoldashanti.com/ 
Agnico Eagle Mines Limited| Toronto, Canada| http://www.agnicoeagle.com/ 
Kinross Gold| Toronto, Canada| http://www.kinross.com/ 
Gold Fields| Johannesburg, South Africa| http://www.goldfields.com/ 
Newcrest Mining| Melbourne, Australia| https://www.newcrest.com/ 
Polyus| Moscow, Russia| http://polyus.com/ 
Harmony Gold| Randfontein, South Africa| http://www.harmony.co.za/ 
Polymetal International| Limassol, Cyprus| https://www.polymetalinternational.com/en/ 

Journals and Magazine Related to this Industries:
Gold| Mining Magazine- https://www.miningmagazine.com/commodity/gold 
Mining Global Magazine- https://www.miningglobal.com/ 
Canadian Mining Magazine- http://canadianminingmagazine.com/blog/ 
Gold Mining Archives| The Jewelry Magazine- https://www.thejewelrymagazine.com/tag/gold-mining/ 
Energy and Mines Magazine- https://energyandmines.com/ 
Gold and Silver| Mining Journal- https://www.mining-journal.com/category/commodities/gold-and-silver 
Reworking Gold Mines| Nature- https://www.nature.com/articles/137104a0 

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