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This SOP article deals and establishes an exclusive report on “Paint, Varnish, and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers”.This industry primarily engaged in wholesale distribution of paint, varnish, and related materials to the retailers or end-use customers. Growing global population, increasing demand from automobile and construction sectors, emerging economic conditions, urbanization development, rising pace of demand from retailers, and availability of advanced innovative product these are the major facts that influence the growth of global paint, varnish, and supplies merchant wholesaler’s industry market. Owing to the wide range of customer segmentation and dense population, Asia-Pacific region leads the global paint and varnish wholesaler markets in terms of distribution and revenue generation. Whereas, North America leads second in the global consumption and dominate the market in terms of production. In comparison with end-use consumers, construction and automobile sector are the major segments that drives a phenomenal demand for the paint products in global market. In order to enhance the business, the industries are focusing on to implement an innovative key strategy by offering price discounts and other complementary gifts to the customers. Along with the retailers, the wholesalers also involved in e-commerce trading, where this results a huge success for the industry. Rising competitors, delay in production, and economic slowdown, these are the major threats that may restricts the growth of global paint and varnish wholesaler’s industry market. Owing to the rising pace of demand for the product from automobile and construction sectors, the global paint, varnish, and supplies merchant wholesalers’ industry is projected to witness a massive growth in upcoming forecast period.

Industry’s Subsector:

  • Automotive paints merchant wholesalers
  • Calcimines, merchant wholesalers
  • Enamels merchant wholesalers
  • Lacquers merchant wholesalers
  • Paint rollers merchant wholesalers
  • Paintbrushes merchant wholesalers
  • Painter’s supplies merchant wholesalers
  • Paints merchant wholesalers
  • Pigments, paint, merchant wholesalers
  • Shellac merchant wholesalers
  • Spray painting equipment merchant wholesalers
  • Stains merchant wholesalers
  • Varnishes merchant wholesalers
  • Wall coverings merchant wholesalers
  • Wallpaper merchant wholesalers
  • Wood paste merchant wholesalers

Industry Process:

The main operation of paint, varnish, and supplies merchant wholesaler’s industry is to perform as an intermediate between paint manufacturers and end-use customers, where they purchase the paint product directly from the manufacturers and distributed to the retailers/end-use consumers. In some cases, the paint manufactures perform as a wholesaler to avoid the intermediate expenses. Owing to the bulk purchasing activities, the wholesalers receives the good from manufactures at low retail price. In major cases, the wholesalers determine the price of the paint and varnish products based on the demand for the products in the market. Finally, the purchased products from manufacturers are distributed to the retailers or end-use customers.

Operation involved in this Industry:

  • Product Acquisition
  • Warehouse and Storing
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Grading
  • Assembly of Products
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Sales and Finance
  • Risk Management
  • Pricing
  • Packaging and Distribution

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