Uranium-Radium-Vanadium Ore Mining, SOP Manual


This SOP article deals and establishes an exclusive report on“Uranium-Radium-Vanadium Ore Mining”.This industry primarily engaged in developing of mining site in order to extract uranium-radium- vanadium from it. Increasing human population, rising demand for the products from related industry segments, growing economic value in emerging nations, globalization, and technological advancements these are the major facts that influence the growth of global uranium-radium-vanadium ore mining industry market. Comparingly, Kazakhstan, Canada, and Australia are the major countries that dominates the uranium and related product industry market in terms of extraction and distribution, where these countries hold a share of 63% in the global market. Owing to the rising economic conditions and increasing demand for the related products, China and India are considered as a massive consumer in this industry market. Advanced automated mining and extracting machines plays a vital role in this industry, where it tends to increase the production rate by stimulating the extraction process in an efficient manner. Stringent government regulation regarding environmental degradation, rising competitors, economic slowdown, and lack of natural resources these are considered as a major threat that may restrict the growth of global uranium-radium-vanadium ore mining industry market. According to the market analysis, based on the rising pace of demand for the products, the global uranium-radium-vanadium ore mining industry is expected to witness a significant growth in upcoming forecast period.

Industry’s Subsector:

  • Carnotite mining and/or beneficiating
  • Leaching of uranium and related ores
  • Pitchblende mining and/or beneficiating
  • Radium ores mining and/or beneficiating
  • Roscoelite (vanadium hydromica) mining and/or beneficiating
  • Tyuyamunite mining and/or beneficiating
  • Uraninite (pitchblende) mining and/or beneficiating
  • Uranium ores mining and/or beneficiating
  • Uranium-radium-vanadium ores mining and/or beneficiating
  • Vanadium ores mining and/or beneficiating

Industry Process:

The industry operation begins with developing the site, where the respective site needs to hold a good amount of uranium-radium-vanadium minerals in it. Then, the extrication process takes place with the help of huge extracting machine. After extraction, the minerals are allowed for sizing process in order to reduce its size. So, that it will easy for the miners to transport the minerals to industry. After a proper inspection, the production process takes place to manufacture the minerals into final end process or else the minerals are sold to the related manufacturing industries. Finally, owing to the environmental concerns the respective site needs to be rehabilitated into its original form.

Operations involved in this Industry:

  • Prospecting/Surveying
  • Exploration
  • Mine-site Design/Planning
  • Development
  • Production
  • Closure/Reclamation

List of Machinery and Equipment Used in this Industry:

  • Mining drills
  • Blasting tools
  • Earth movers
  • Crushing equipment
  • Screening equipment
  • Feeding tool
  • Conveying equipment
  • Analysis tools
  • Gravity Separation System
  • Dewatering System
  • Flotation System
  • Ball Mill Rod Mill Grinding
  • Optical Sorting System
  • Feeding System
  • Scrubber Washing Plant
  • Elution Electro-Winning System
  • Stripping & Drilling Equipment
  • Wheel Loaders

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