SOP Manual for General Medical and Surgical Hospitals


Industries in the hospitals subsector provide medical, diagnostic, and treatment services that include physician, nursing, and other health services to inpatients and the specialized accommodation services required by inpatients. Hospitals may also provide outpatient services as a secondary activity. Establishments in the hospital subsector provide inpatient health services, many of which can only be provided using the specialized facilities and equipment that form a significant and integral part of the production process.

List of Globally Popular Companies and their countries

University Hospital – Columbia, Missouri, Nuffield Health Bristol Hospital –Bristol, U.K., Upper River Valley Hospital – New Brunswick, Canada, Hackensack University Medical Center – Hackensack, New Jersey, Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center – Portland, Washington, Wooridul Spine Hospital – Seoul, South Korea,  St. James' Institute of Oncology/Leeds Cancer Centre – West Yorkshire, U.K., Houston Methodist Hospital – Houston, Texas, Hartford Hospital – Hartford, Connecticut, Vale Hospital – Hensol, South Wales, U.K., University of Pittsburgh Medical Center – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center – Houston, Texas, Guy's and St. Thomas' – London, U.K, Massachusetts General Hospital – Boston, Massachusetts, Ramkhamhaeng Hospital – Bangkok, Thailand, Wattanosoth Cancer Hospital – Bangkok, Thailand

 The following are some of the top critical issues facing hospital leadership.

  • Maintaining Patient Privacy
  • Violence in the Workplace
  • Patient Centered Care and Shared Decision Making
  • Use of Nurse Practitioners and Physicians Assistants
  • Cyber Threats
  • Preparedness for Pandemics

The main problem faced by hospital  services  is  their  increasing  costs  or  the  changes  needed  to  make  them  more efficient. It happens all too often, although illogical, that a relocation from an old and smaller hospital to a new and bigger one takes place without modifications on the operational basis of departments obligations, numbers of all personnel categories (you still have the figures of the past, but now for higher demands) and required (increased) number of equipment and devices, mainly medical ones.

Some of the International Organisations related to Hospitals,

  • World Health Organization (WHO)- who.int
  • Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)- paho.org
  • American Public Health Organization (APHO)- https://ihrpoe.co.in
  • Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL)- ​aphl.org
  • The Public Health Foundation (PHF) - phf.org.uk

Various Industry Standards will be followed by each specific Hospital to maintain their reputation in the field of interest.

  • The Clinical Establishments (Registration and Regulation) Act, 2010The Federal Aviation Act of 1958
  • Indian medical council Act of 1956
  • Indian nursing council Act of 1947
  • Registration of the clinic with the municipal authorities (Delhi Shops and Establishments Act, 1954
  • Delhi Nursing Home Registration Act 1953

Industry standards are the foundation for process interoperability between SAP and non-SAP applications and platforms. Industry standards define a common language, which is required to cost-effectively enable process integration between systems, both inside an organization and across the value chain. Standards enable process flexibility by providing concrete rules for integration that have been developed by representatives of the healthcare community.

Some of the Magazines that will keep you on track

  • HealthTech Magazine
  • Insights Care Magazine
  • Healthcare Global Magazine
  • Healthcare Design Magazine
  • Hospital & Healthcare Management Magazine
  • Health Business Magazine
  • Asian Hospital and Healthcare Management Magazine
  • Behavioural Healthcare Executive Magazine

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