SOPs for Warehouses and Distribution Centers

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1) SOP-DC-1131: SKU Numbering Nomenclature
2) SOP-DC-1132: Product Information Sheet and Measurement of Characteristics
3) SOP-DC-1133: Guidelines for Supplier and Vendor Relationship Management
4) SOP-DC-1134: Supplier Scorecard and Selection Process
5) SOP-DC-1135: Vendor Scorecard and Selection Process
6) SOP-DC-1136: Schedules for Power for Procurement
7) SOP-DC-1137: Establishment of Min-Max Levels at Echelons and Nodes in Supply Chain
8) SOP-DC-1138: Guidelines for Distribution Centre Operations
9) SOP-DC-1139: Approved Methods of Product Loading and Unloading
10) SOP-DC-1140: Documents for Transportation
11) SOP-DC-1141: Guidelines for Transportation
12) SOP-DC-1142: Information Dissemination Guidelines Across Supply Chain
13) SOP-DC-1143: Data Dictionary and Glossary for SCM
14) SOP-DC-1144: SKU-Wise Minimum Order Quantities
15) SOP-DC-1145: Shelf-Life Management across Supply Chain
16) SOP-DC-1146: Guidelines for the Selection of Unit & Master Cartons
17) SOP-DC-1147: Guidelines for Order Processing
18) SOP-DC-1148: Allocation of Vehicle for Dispatch of Goods
19) SOP-DC-1149: Guidelines to S&OP and SKU Level Planning
20) SOP-DC-1150: Anticipatory Preparation based on History of Orders & POS
21) SOP-DC-1151: Transit Damage and Loss and Claims Management
22) SOP-DC-1152: Delivery Window for Suppliers & Vendors
23) SOP-DC-1153: Route Planning Process for Delivery to Customers
24) SOP-DC-1154: Handover of Goods at Customer Place and Record Updates
25) SOP-DC-1155: TPM and Maintenance Schedule for Vehicles
26) SOP-DC-1156: Establishment of Push-Pull Frontier in Supply Chain
27) SOP-DC-1157: Rainwater Harvesting
28) SOP-DC-1158: Green Initiatives within Warehouse
29) SOP-DC-1159: Vendor Selection Process
30) SOP-DC-1160: Vendor Application and Database Management
31) SOP-DC-1701: Agreement Templates for Contracts with Supplier, Vendors, and Suppliers
32) SOP-DC-1702: List of Reports, Generators and Recipients
33) SOP-DC-1703: Data Dictionary and Glossary for SCM
34) SOP-DC-1704: Intellectual Property Rights
35) SOP-DC-1705: Adherence of Regulatory Compliances (FDA, USDA etc.) in Supply Chain
36) SOP-DC-1706: Product, Facility, MHE and People Certification Requirements in SCM
37) SOP-DC-1707: Agreement Templates for Contracts with Suppliers, Vendors, and Shippers.
38) SOP-DC-1708: Asset & Equipment Legal Compliances
39) SOP-DC-1709: Non-Disclosure Agreement
40) SOP-DC-1710: OSHA Compliance Guidelines
41) SOP-DC-1711: Bonded Warehouse
42) SOP-DC-1712: Customs Registration
43) SOP-DC-1713: Warehouse Licenses
44) SOP-DC-1714: Warehouse Insurance Guidelines
45) SOP-DC-1715: Warehouse Standards (Statutory Requirements)
46) SOP-DC-1716: Environmental Clearances
47) SOP-DC-1717: Labour Laws Compliances
48) SOP-DC-1718: General Compliances
49) SOP-DC-1719: State Specific Compliances
50) SOP-DC-1720: Warehouse Ownership/Rental/Lease Documents
51) SOP-DC-1721: DC/Warehouse Registrations (India)
52) SOP-DC-1812: Preloading Checklist
53) SOP-DC-1813: Movement Register for Vehicles
54) SOP-DC-1814: Supplier Questionnaire/ Assessment
55) SOP-DC-1815: Physical Audit Worksheet
56) SOP-DC-1816: Warehouse Contacts
57) SOP-DC-1817: Supplier Agreements Template
58) SOP-DC-1818: Vendor Agreements Template
59) SOP-DC-1819: Contractor Agreements Template
60) SOP-DC-1820: Customer Agreements Template
61) SOP-DC-1821: Government Notification & Agreements
62) SOP-DC-1822: Asset Management Register
63) SOP-DC-1823: Genset Logbook
64) SOP-DC-1824: Diesel/Oil Stock Register
65) SOP-DC-2001: Warehouse Management System Procedures
66) SOP-DC-2002: WMS Rules
67) SOP-DC-2003: Inbound Logistics
68) SOP-DC-2004: Inventory Management
69) SOP-DC-2005: Storage Unit Management
70) SOP-DC-2006: Container Management
71) SOP-DC-2007: Wave Picks
72) SOP-DC-2008: Stock Management
73) SOP-DC-2009: Warehouse Movements
74) SOP-DC-2010: Goods Receipt Procedures
75) SOP-DC-2011: Goods Issue Procedures
76) SOP-DC-2012: Stock Transfers and Replenishment
77) SOP-DC-2013: Put away & Picking Procedures
78) SOP-DC-2014: Facility Management System
79) SOP-DC-2015: Outbound Logistics
80) SOP-DC-2016: Reverse Logistics
81) SOP-DC-2017: Product Traceability
82) SOP-DC-2018: Yard Management
83) SOP-DC-2019: Dock Management
84) SOP-DC-2020: Cross Docking
85) SOP-DC-2021: QA & Recall
86) SOP-DC-2022: Transportation Management
87) SOP-DC-2023: Fleet Management
88) SOP-DC-2024: POD Update Procedures

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