SOP Manual for Newspaper Publishers


This industry comprises establishments known as newspaper publishers. Establishments in this industry carry out operations necessary 

for producing and distributing newspaper, including gathering news; writing news columns, feature stories and editorials; and selling and preparing advertisements. These establishments may publish newspaper in print or electronic forms  

List of Globally Popular Newspaper companies and their countries

The New York Times - United States, The Daily Mail - United Kingdom, The Peoples Daily - China, The Daily Telegraph - United Kingdom, China Daily - China, The Times of India - India, EI Mundo - Spain, The Sydney Morning Herald - Australia, Le Monde - France, La Repubblica - Italy, Daily Mirror - United Kingdom, Bild - Germany, The Globe and Mail - Canada, Hurriyet - Turkey, New York Post - United States, The Hollywood Reporter - United States, Marca - Spain, China Times - Taiwan, The Age - Australia, United Daily News - Taiwan, The Toronto Star - Canada, The Economic Times - India, Kompas - Indonesia, O Globo - Brazil, Liberation - France, Kommersant - Russia, The Australian - Australia.

The following are some of the top critical issues faced by the Newspaper companies. 

  • Publishers have a little choice to promote their brands
  • Misinformation of the news
  • Increased competition of corporate media
  • Pay wall has come down
  • Use of fake news
  • Decline of readership
  • Low Performance
  • Evolution of new technologies
  • Digitization in the media
  • Infrastructural Challenges

Most of the popular newspaper publishers are in a phase of transformation. The rise of digital media is posing questions on the sustainability of the newspaper printing business. The physical newspaper readership is declining all over the world now a days. It is now so easy to get a constant source of revenue right away because the competition is fierce. The digital channels are giving the advertisers quick and measurable results so they expectation are changing. The most obvious area of cost cutting are the man power cost and the consumables cost. The cost of raw material is the major cost involved in the production of newspaper.

Some of the International Organization related to Newspaper Companies are,

Various Industry Standards will be followed by each specific Newspaper companies to maintain their reputation,

  • Local Newspaper Regulation Act, 1958
  • Press and Registration Books Act, 1857
  • Newspaper Act, 1956
  • Vernacular Press Act, 1878
  • Registration of Newspaper Rules Act, 1908
  • Register Newspaper for India, 2004
  • Newspapers Publications Act, 1953
  • Registration of Books Act, 1867

According to recent news, the media and entertainment industry touched 14 Billion in 2016. In 2012 the media and entertainment industry has grown to 12% all over the world. There was a continue growth of regional media and fast increasing new media businesses. While television continue to be dominant medium, sectors such as animation and digital advertising are fast increasing their share across the globe. The traditional media business slow down compare to the last year. Now the growth of newspaper company is increased to 9.5%.

Some of the Magazines that will keep you on track

  • Media Now
  • Press Reader
  • Designing for Newspaper
  • The Attention
  • Sound and Vision
  • Current History
  • Media Studies
  • Paper Tigers
  • Media Selling 
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