101 Questions for Gas Station Business Plan


This gives you a clear idea of how to create and organize the business plan of your own. These 101 business plan questions will help you start your business with all the necessary details and basic needs of this business.

  1. Have you decided the location to start your business?
  2. What’re the safety measures for staffs?
  3. Is it located inside the city or outskirts?
  4. Is it an own place / rented place?
  5. What is the name of your gas station?
  6. How many vehicles approach us daily (Avg.)?
  7. What are the fire safety measures do you take?
  8. Have you got permission from the fire department?
  9. Do you have a business account?
  10. What are the modes of payment for workers?
  11. What are the modes of payment for customers?
  12. Do you have any uniform for your workers?
  13. Do you have any additional facilities?
  14. Do you provide accommodation for your workers?
  15. Do you provide food for your workers?
  16. Do you have any sponsor?
  17. What will you do when your business is going down?
  18. Do you provide any offers to your customers?
  19. Do you have any partnership?
  20. What are your Business Strategies?
  21. Are you aware of the insurance policies?
  22. Where is your head office located?
  23. Analyze the demography of that locality?
  24. What is your business risk?
  25. What is the profit margin on a gas station?
  26. How much is your investment?
  27. Do you require any loan?
  28. Have you registered the company?
  29. How much do you charge for each customer?
  30. What are the ongoing expenses involved?
  31. Do you have any shops inside your gas station?
  32. In what ways are you going to make your business profitable?
  33. Do you have a local business license?
  34. What is the mission and vision for the organization?
  35. Do you have a CO (Certificate of Occupancy)?
  36. In what ways are you going to promote?
  37. Do you have separate restrooms in the gas station?
  38. Who is in-charge for the maintenance activities?
  39. Who is in-charge for the accounting activities?
  40. Have you got license from the Health department?
  41. What accounting software do you use?
  42. Have you got permit from the air and water pollution control?
  43. What are the expenses involved in marketing?
  44. Do you’ve a water sprinkler facility?
  45. Have you got proper water, sewer, gas and electric facilities?
  46. What are the operational costs involved?
  47. Do you have the store equipment’s?
  48. Do you’ve water sump facility?
  49. What’s the capacity of the sump?
  50. What are the costs involved in the inventory?
  51. What are the costs involved for setting up the underground gasoline tank?
  52. Do you have underground gasoline tank/reservoirs?
  53. Have you decided the type of fuel station?
  54. How many pumps / gas dispensers do you have?
  55. Have you got the building license?
  56. Have you got the zonal permit?
  57. Have you got the motor fuels retail outlet license?
  58. Have you got the operational license?
  59. What facilities do you have at your gas station?
  60. How many workers are there?
  61. Have you secured a gas supplier contract?
  62. What are the day-to-day activities involved?
  63. Do you have any competitors nearby?
  64. Are you aware of your strength and weakness?
  65. Are you consulting any business attorneys?
  66. Are you a franchisee?
  67. What is salary structure for the employees?
  68. Have you got permission from tank inspection?
  69. What’s the operational timing?
  70. How many workers are employed in the night shift?
  71. How many workers are employed in the day shift?
  72. What’s the peak timing?
  73. What’s the procedure for refilling the fuel?
  74. Do you have basic security features?
  75. Do you have a CCTV camera?
  76. How often the cameras are monitored?
  77. Who’s responsible for site building?
  78. How much is the total area?
  79. How much are you charging for refilling services?
  80. Are you offering any discounts?
  81. Are there any displays for daily displays?
  82. Are you using any pole signs?
  83. What is your monthly budget?
  84. Do you have any marketing strategy?
  85. Do you have a shatter proof glass windows?
  86. Do you provide any training to your employees?
  87. Do they require any eligibility?
  88. Are you running safety checks every day?
  89. What are they?
  90. Do you have a report for cash maintenance?
  91. Do you do traffic count in a day?
  92. Do you have first aid kit inside the gas station?
  93. How often the safety inspection is done?
  94. In what ways does your competitors attracts customers?
  95. Who is the decision maker?
  96. Do you have an auditor?
  97. Who is in-charge for the operational activities?
  98. Do you have an office inside the gas station?
  99. Do you have Standard Business Plan Outline for your business?
  100. Is there any research team?
  101. What’s your customer retention plan?

101 Questions for Gas Station Business Plan


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