101 Questions for Theatre Business Plan


Without the clear Business Plan, banks and investors can’t see your clear vision of yours about the business. This is the most important document they would like to see before they discuss financing. So, if you want to consult / hire an advisor to establish or develop your business plan, Fhyzics can help you to achieve the clear and realistic versions of Business Plans.

  1. How much is your investment?
  2. What are the Capital Expenses?
  3. What  are the Operational Expenses?
  4. What is your investment plan?
  5. What  are the business risks?
  6. Whatare the Daily/weekly/monthly/yearly maintenance activities?
  7. Have you decided the location to start the theatre?
  8. Is it an own / rented space?
  9. Do you have any competitors nearby?
  10. How many competitors are there?
  11. How many screens are there?
  12. What is the average foot call of your competitors?
  13. What is their unique value proposition?
  14. What is your unique value proposition?
  15. Which sounding system you plan for?
  16. What is the employee’s salary structure?
  17. When the salary will be credited?
  18. How are you going to attract the crowd?
  19. How are you going to manage the crowd?
  20. How much should you pay for an advertisement?
  21. How many workers should you hire?
  22. Have you got approval from Local government to construct?
  23. Have you got the NOC (No Objection Certificate) from Local Government?
  24. Have you got any objection from any businesses nearby?
  25. Have you got the approval to construct the building from EE (Executive Engineer)and PWD (Public Works Department)?
  26. Haveyou got the certificates from Film Division, Fire Department, PWD and EB?
  27. Do you have the license to start the business?
  28. Do you have a proof of document for obtaining license?
  29. What is the average pay for Film Company for any film?
  30. Have you got the Property insurance and Public insurance?
  31. How should you select a particular film to attract the crowd?
  32. Do you have an operator to project a film?
  33. How much operators do you need to project a film?
  34. Does the operator have the license to project the movie?
  35. Haveyou got a sound engineer to inspect a particular film based on the theme?
  36. Which type of screen do you use to project the film?
  37. What are dimension of the screen?
  38. Do you have an Air conditioning facility?
  39. Do you have properly maintained washrooms for both genders?
  40. Do you have a cafeteria?
  41. Are you providing quality snack and beverage for the crowd and got approval from the Health Department?
  42. Do you have the proof of ownership?
  43. What are the different classes for audience?
  44. How many shows, per day are you planning for?
  45. Are there any special shows during holidays?
  46. Have you analyzed the demography of that area? (Age &Gender)
  47. What is the organization’s management structure?
  48. What are the Mission, Vision and Values of an organization?
  49. Are the tickets being sealed by the commercial tax office?
  50. Have you registered the company?
  51. Are you providing accommodation for the outside workers?
  52. Do you have the proper security?
  53. Do you have the cameras inside thearena?
  54. How often the cameras should be monitored?
  55. Do you have the enough space for parking?
  56. How much are you going to charge for parking vehicle?
  57. Have you opened a business bank account?
  58. What are the customer retention strategies?
  59. Areyou properly scheduling for picture screening and workers timing?
  60. Do you have a generator?
  61. What kind of seats do you offer for the audience?
  62. Do you have any tie-up with local business?
  63. How should be the interior lighting system?
  64. What are the revenue modes?
  65. Who’s responsible for the final decisions making?
  66. Do you have the fire extinguisher inside the theater?
  67. Have you hired a professional Accountant?
  68. Name of the accounting
  69. Do you have any contract with the advertising agencies?
  70. Do you have any online booking systems?
  71. Do you any metal detector machine in the theater?
  72. Do you have any franchise chain food provider?
  73. What are the add on services do you provide?
  74. What are the modes of payment for the customers?
  75. What are the modes of payment for the distributors?
  76. What’s the Theatre name?
  77. Who’s responsible for operational activities?
  78. Who’s responsible for maintenance activities?
  79. Is there any lift facility?
  80. Do you have an Auditor for your organization?
  81. Do you have a separate Lawyer for legal verification?
  82. Is there any restaurants/cafe nearby?
  83. How many customers are needed minimum per day to break-even the expenses?
  84. Did you put any disclaimer for No Smoking?
  85. How often do you sanitize the seat?
  86. Is your cinema hall is inside any Complex/Mall?
  87. Do you provide Snack at your seat steps services?
  88. Have you put the Exiting board?
  89. What is safety measure for customers?
  90. What is safety measure for workers?
  91. Haveyou given parking facility separately for 2wheeler/ 4wheeler?
  92. Do you have any Genset facility for the screen during the power cut?
  93. Are you checking the Genset everyday?
  94. Do you have a Lightning arrestor?
  95. Does the electrician hold a ‘B’license?
  96. Any standard operating procedure for accounts department?
  97. Any standard operating procedure for operation department?
  98. Any standard operating procedure for maintenance department?
  99. Any standard operating procedure for F & B department?
  100. Anystandard operating procedure for system admin department?
  101. How you calculated Air Space?

101 Questions for Theatre Business Plan


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